Making Chord Melodies Legato

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  1. jazzbum

    Hey all. I've been coming back the guitar recently, after a somewhat difficult year for me and music, and have found a strong renewed interest in chords, Kurt of course being a primary inspiration.

    I've realized that while I have spent quite a bit of time working on legato single lines, my chordal playing is somewhat choppy in comparison.

    I know Van Eps is the answer, but I am having a hard time distilling all of his vast knowledge, and some of those fingerings (barring with 2 especially) are killing me.

    Any recommendations on applying his ideas to tunes, or any other resources that are a bit less dense for working specifically with the phrasing of jazz chords on guitar? I've got the grips, but not the flow....

  2. Poparad

    I think the key is 1) playing fewer chords and 2) finding the right voicing that's easy to get into for a particular melody note, considering the notes you have to play leading directly into it.



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