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  1. I've been taking trips to the library and checking things out ( literally ).
    While looking for other stuff , I came across a series dealing with symetrical scales ; pentatonic scales ( both in jazz and for improvisation ).
    He has a more complete set than the pentatonics laid out by Slonimsky.
    The pentatonics in jazz one is what i checked out and I'm very excited about it.
    I really like books like this; cut and dry tables of stuff and several pages of excercises .
    I've been mainly going to get sheet music and follow along on YouTube recordings of pieces ( in an attempt to improve reading skills by seeing the rythmic groupings and hearing them... I'm tired of being intimidated by reading) , but theory books feel right often.
    I'm eager to see the other ones as soon as they're returned by someone.
    The library is awesome.
    I'm surprised I haven't heard more about this guy; he has played with liebman and stuff.

  2. Matt

    which one's have you been checking out, or all? they seem very useful":)

  3. Pentatonicism in jazz .
    It just occured to me that strict out playing would mean that if I'm in c major , the noted of b major pentatonic would be out( the remaining 5 notes not being included in c major - out of the total 12 tones )...
    I wonder if there'll be any unusual 7 nite scales that aren't modes of maj/min , harmonic minor and melodic minor that would be indirectly shown (via exclusion) through a study of these obscure pentatonics?
    We'll see. Kinda weird that mist of his info that isn't amazon is through his own website. Pretty intrigued and want to hear the guy doing his thing .

  4. Matt

    not trying to use a defib on this thread, but i purchased his pentatonicism in jazz book, and it is so thoroughly compiled and presented! i'm not even close to getting to pentatonics with more ambiguous sonority, and i'm already really liking the sound it gives.

  5. i like how the various vectors ( or whatever ) delineate modes of a larger set so as to better avoid any redundancies.



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