Master Guitar Symposium Vol.1

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  1. jazznan

    I have Mel Bay's DVD Master Guitar Symposium Vol.1 with Monder, Cardenas, and Shepik. I wanted to trade someone straight across for Vol. 2, anyone interested? thanks

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  2. Sandemose

    jazznan: yoo, Ive been watching this on youtube, and I emailed Ben about it. He was horrified to see himself on video in a clinic situtation but I bet he shares some cool ideas. Whats your opinion about the DVD? Im thinking of buying it, if I only knew were. Mel Bay wont ship it to Europe



  3. Joel

    Have you checked to see if these guys will post to Europe?


  4. Benny

    I ordered my copy of 'Master Guitar Symposium' DVD Vol.1 through Chappells here in London as a special order and they got it in less than a week. Might be worth seeing if they can order and ship over to you.

    Overall, I was very disappointed with the DVD. Two tunes with each guest but the 'clinic' part was severely edited. Brad, Ben and Steve each talk for just a couple of minutes, mostly biographical stuff. Why they couldn't include the full clinics on what is an expensive DVD, I don't know.

  5. Sandemose

    Benny: thank you for that review, Im def. not going to buy it. Man, if you have Ben "Mindbender Monster" Monder on stage, you could probably fill 10 DVD:s with only him talking about triads, not even repeating himself. I always thought that everything MelBay realesed was top class. In this case, no, it seems. Thanks Benny,

    Best, Sandemose

  6. JtV

    Hello Everyone, been lurking here awhile finally decided to join in.

    I completely agree with Benny. The DVD is a complete rip off...I would certainly say stay away. While it is great to see these guys play on some standards, the talking portion in lame.......they don't even talk about the tunes they just finished playing over.

  7. jazznan

    I agree, very disappointed, that's why I want to trade. You get to watch them play up close which is cool, but I wanted to hear them talk more......Sandemose, do you have anything you'd like to trade for it? I'll mail it to you

  8. I have that dvd too, I concur it is not informatively satisfying. Although hearing Ben Monder and seeing how clearly relaxed he is was useful and hearing Brad Shepiks ability to get such a wonderful tone was also good. Part of the discs disappointingness, I think ,is not Mel Bay as much as it is the person who produced it/moderates. I have some of his materials and they really don't offer anything that has not been available in other sources that dont make claims that they will provide something super special.


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