Maybe you don't care but I have to share this with you...

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  1. Gia5

    I just had a wonderful morning playing 3 or 4 tunes with John Abercrombie. There was a workshop here and only 2 guitar player (me and a friend of mine, that's crazy!!) were present, and only a few person in general.
    I even played in a duo with him. Such a poet, what a great experience...
    Sorry if it doesn't relate with anything tipically discussed here, I'm just still excited and wanted someone to share with ;)

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  2. Alvin


    Thanks for shearing! What a great opportunity! :)
    I'm a fan of Abercrombie myself. Maybe you could share some thoughts/things he was talking about?


  3. Gia5

    Hi Alvin. He talked a lot about some paths he prefers about music and following harmony but not scales, one idea after another, in a continuum of development....other than that he was very relaxed and show a kind of lazy (in a good sense of the term) approach to music and wrong notes, no licks or patterns. "I play strange, with my thumb, can't go too fast but I don't care, because I play only in a horizontal way"...But he was very clear about the relevance of a good timing.

  4. jseaberry

    I had the same kind of experience once with Larry Coryell; I'm still floating, and that was 4 years ago!


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