Mesa Boogie's Mini Rectifier??

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  1. jamacy77

    Dear Forum Peeps,

    Have any of you tried this head yet?

    It looks great but I have no idea of how it would sound in a jazz context (semi-hollow or archtop guitar)
    Would that work with a cabinet like the Raezer's Edge for example?

    Any other ideas for cabinets?


    Thanks and best wishes to everybody!

  2. aramaya

    These amps sound great. I would suggest the version that goes up to 50 watts, as it has
    more head room and doesn't break up. You still have the option to have lower watt settings
    if you want that tube break up.

    Magical rainbow ponies
  3. aramaya

    my mistake; the one I was thinking of was the mesa express 5:50.

    I have played the head you posted as well, and it sounds great, it just breaks up
    a little quicker than I would like.



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