mesa express 5:25 crackling?

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  1. Matt

    i recently acquired a used mesa express and it has just started making a crackling noise in channel one, the clean channel. here's a video:

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    i'm a noob at this stuff so i'm not sure what the problem is, nor the rememdy. hopefully one of you guys can help me out. should i replace the tubes or take it to a tech? (it's still under mesa's five year warranty).

    i should mention that it only started making this noise when i was adjusting the treble knob today; it randomly started. as well, channel two is without any noise or crackling.

  2. Matt

    i should also mention (if it will help diagnosis the problem) that whenever i play an F/F# at the top of the staff (basically on the g/b string) there's a vibrating noise that accompanies the note. only on those frequencies though.

    i tapped on the power and preamp tubes and there was discernable difference in the crackling while doing so. i think the crackling is indicative of a pre-amp tube failure, but not sure which.

  3. jorgemg1984

    Matt go to a tech... or talk to Mesa?

  4. surfinboy

    I'm not a tech but that crackling sounds like more than a bad tube or a pot that needs to be cleaned. To restate the obvious, take it to a tech or call Mesa.


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