metheny clinic 7/22/11

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  1. patfarlow

    I would love to go but these prices are kinda crazy. I guess he's trying to go for an older rich guy audience? Is there no one day class option?

    Rates (Pat Metheny Workshop Only):

    Participant on site $4950 (Includes four nights, Monday-Thursday, in guest room or villa at resort, all workshop classes, clinics, and performances, and all meals.)

    Participant off site $3750 (Includes all workshop classes, clinics, and performances. Meals may be purchased as desired from venue.)

    Non Participant on site $1950 (Spouse, Parent, or Partner. Includes accommodations with participant, all meals, and a $500 spa credit.)

  2. mrzzajjazz

    sorry, didn't mean to tag this thread with my name.. I thought for a moment that the tag field was a searchfield..(was searching for an old topic of mine..)

  3. mrzzajjazz

    crazy prices by the way..

  4. lacroix

    C'mon guys, don't tell me that the average debt-ridden, economically challenged young guitar student doesn't have 5 grand hidden under a mattress? As for me, I cannot go. The Spa thing definitely turns me off :-)

    If and when I'll be rich, I'll hire Joshua Redman instead. Apparently he does perform at private events.

  5. Poparad

    I worked at the NGW camps one summer a few years ago. It literally is a camp, so you go all week, 3 meals a day with a hotel or dorm room, depending on the campus location, and morning 'til night classes, ensembles, and lessons, in addition to the masterclasses and performances. The price is steep, but you do get a lot in return.

  6. jazznan

    If I get to sit in the spa with Pat and his flowing curly locks then I'm in (so long as he keeps any striped t-shirts on;)

  7. ( i've probably mentioned this elsewhere) but, my guitar teacher from some years back went to a pat metheny group show at some huge place and he said that after they found their seats, he looked around and spotted about 6 dudes in various parts of the crowd wearing the metheny stripey shirt! isn't that fucking hilarious!?!

  8. Matt

    as we digress, i remember once talking with the guitarist in Pershing's Own Army Blues Band (ridiculously tight big band, BTw) on the topic of jazz education and university, and he recommended that if you won the lottery, just hire the great, great musicians IE Pat Metheny, Redman, Rosenwinkel, to mentor/play with you. i mean, with a million+ bank, it'd be the highest paying gig out there, eh?


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