Metheny's Unity Group

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  1. barolo

    Caught Pat Metheny and his Unity Group last night in Copenhagen and I'm totally stunned. I've seen Pat Metheny in various settings and venues/cities/countries approximately 20-25 times over the last 30 years. All I can say is that none of the previous concerts I've attended have been close to what I witnessed in Falconersalen, last night. His technique, drive, intensity, inspiration has never been on a higher level, and he's approaching 60. I would go as far as to say that he's in a league of his own right now. Not only guitar-wise but also music-wise.
    To top things off he's surrounded with sheer mastery from his fellow band members. Chris Potter is a monster! Their duet version of "All the things..." contained some of the most breathtaking and mindblowing over-the-barline-stuff, and just plain hysterical improv, I've heard in my entire life.
    Not only was the playing throughout the concert on a level of its own, but also the crisp and well defined sound, the perfect balance between old and new stuff and the well-composed structure of the entire concert - three consecutive hours and not a moment of dullness. If you have the chance to catch this tour, don't hesitate.

  2. Gesture

    Ohh boy.. Just one more month!
    I've already listened to KIN lots of times but seeing musicians like these live is another experience entirely.
    Last week Bernstein and Pat next. This spring is fantastic.
    Anyone else going to the Utrecht concert?

  3. Gesture

    Went yesterday & it was amazing!

    Good news too: The striped shirt is back!

  4. My old guitar teacher said he saw metheny group in late 90's .
    He was really excited to see the show .
    He said in the audience, he counted about 6 dudes who were donning the shirt.


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