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metronome on off beats?

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  1. monk

    Anyone here practise with metronome on off beats?
    I've started today and it feels weird but Im thinking that it will be useful to get a bit more syncopation and feel the music a bit differently

  2. Matt

    There's a clinic nelson veras gave where he discusses practicing polyrhymthms with the metronome by taking melodies (ie Donna Lee) and putting the metronome 'beats' on fives/sevens to the melody eighth note. kinda the same idea.

  3. smoke

    Have you checked out this metronome:

    It can divide the beat into an obnoxious number of ways. Costs a bit, but I haven't seen anything that will do what it will do.

  4. My teacher, who had private lessons with Kurt, just introduced me to that kind of exercices :)
    Until I master feeling the subdibisions I'm using theese free online tools:
    By the way I think that the truly changeling goal is to feel a naked metronome as a subdivision of your own beat.
    Hope it helps

  5. Poparad

    I've gotten a lot out of practicing like that, especially at faster tempos. Since the metronome is giving you fewer beats, and especially since it's not giving you the first beat, you have to be a lot more accurate with the time.

    Magical rainbow ponies
  6. @ibanx- Could you tell me who your teacher is? Is he from Berlin? Also could you give some examples for those exercises? That would be great, Cheers!!

  7. My current teacher is Andreu Zaragoza, we are from Barcelona. He's a great player, absolutely one of the most talented jazz musicians here in Spain.
    He told me basically the same exercises Matt pointed out. That's to put the metronome at a low value and feel it for example as "the fourth and a half" beat. That's pretty difficult at high tempos with swing feel. Another good exercise he told me for training the tempo is to put the metronome (or rhythm machine) at 30bpm or less and feel it as the first beat of four bars, then play fast tunes (not necesarily playing 8th notes).

  8. geetarted

    Matt Penman Workout
    Banff, May 2009

    Metronome at 40.
    Scales ascending and descending.
    One note per click.
    Two notes, etc…
    Goes up to ten notes per click.

    Metronome placement
    Clicks are:
    on 4.
    ‘And’ of 2 & 4.
    ‘And’ of 4.
    Dotted half.
    Dotted quarter.

    Different groupings of eighth notes.
    Clap the polyrhythms.
    Play the polyrhythms.

    Metronome on half notes.
    3-2, 2-3.
    Add eighth note groupings (twice as fast).

    Metronome on half notes.
    Combinations of eighths against pulse.

    Metronome on dotted eighths.
    Metronome on quarters.


  9. eSkills

    I was at a John Patitucci seminar when he demonstrated some of the exercisez posted here. Also I think he said something about that you should never have your metronome above 60, but find some way to play all tempos without exceding that limit. Although that sounds a bit extreme, I've found it pretty true most of the time. He also emphazised the importance of making the metronome swing. That's kinda the whole point of the putting it on 2 and 4 exercise, to try to swing as much as possible.

  10. sortell

    Ari Hoenig is a master at this. He has a great book on this subject. ( )

    I was in one of his seminars a few years back. He really emphasized the importance that you master the exercise without your instrument first (clap or sing). And once you have internalized it than practice with your instrument.

  11. monk

    those matt penman exercises are pretty crazy .. my experience is that it's playing the melody against these odd stuff that's the most difficult .. you really got to internalise the melody and the metronome beat

    sortell: i can totally appreciate the clapping and singing part.. it's true how important is it .. or even just feeling some of these beats when listening to recordings

    have anyone done putting on the "and" of 2 and 4? I just feel that it swings more than 2-4 .. there just seem to be more groove

  12. Pascau

    @ geetarted - Thanks for that outline, I'm going to give that a try tonight. Or rather, as much of it as I can.

  13. Quintricacy

    Zen metronome practice is pretty fun. Set the metronome to 60 or so and try and clap along with it. When your claps line up exactly with the metronome, the sound of the metronome will disappear. The hard part is trying to keep it going when you reach the "zen" state.

  14. sortell

    Check out this video.....

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  15. JorgeRubiales

    The exercises mentioned by ibanx are the same Victor Wooten talks about in his DVD. The thing is to have a click per bar, and put that click into every 8th subdivision of the bar. Pretty crazy stuff...


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