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Metta Quintet album

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  1. I was just listening to the Metta Quintet's "Going to Meet the Man" album that features Kurt and Mark Turner. I'd never seen it discussed on this forum so I wanted to make sure all the Kurt fans were aware of it. Sadly, I don't think it is in print anymore. I wish iTunes would offer it with the other Metta Quintet records.

    If nothing else, listen to "Previous Condition", a tune of Kurt's that will make your socks roll up and down

  2. konstantine

    Thanks for the heads up, I didn't know about it, I wish I could hear something more than the samples.

  3. gleepglop

    Surprised it's not available as a download. Amazon has a few used copies ~$7 (and new ones at $107!)

    I got it when it came out. It's a nice record, haven't listened to it in a while. Not essential, IMO, but interesting.


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