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Middle of the range semi hollow?

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  1. jazzacast55

    Hey guys,

    I'm looking at getting a semi hollow around $500-$1000max, after looking online I've been tossing up between an Epiphone sheraton 2 or a Hofner verythin.
    Anyone care to give any pros and cons if anyone has tried them?
    There isn't any to try where I live so I'm gonna have to most likely buy it online, I have tried some Epiphones and they seem ok but the Hofner is looking pretty good!


  2. fakejake

    Personally, I like Epiphones. Kurt used them too so they should be quite decent. Maybe you can hunt down an old Korean model, they're supposed to be superior to the later + current Chinese ones.
    Also, check out Peerless and Tokai. I once had an old Tokai Strat from the early 80ies that was better than all of the current Standard American Fenders I played.
    Lastly make sure to, at least once, try a Telecaster, easily the most underrated Jazz guitar around. There should be a couple of thinline hollowbody Squire + Mexico Tele's to choose from in your price range.

  3. jazzacast55

    Great thanks mate, yeah I'm leaning towards the Epiphone but the Hofner verythin interests me, the only thing with it is they have these big striped inlays which I'm not really a fan of, I 'll check out some of your suggestions though.

  4. jorgemg1984

    Tokai are great guitars for the value. I also really like my Cort Source, better than Epiphone IMO. An used 80s Ibanez AS would actually be the better option, they are excellent and not so expensive used - better than any 335 probably.

  5. Dorian Grey

    I highly recommend the Hofner Verythin. it's a great guitar with a great sound intonation & touch, and looks also. I would also not hesitate in recommend the Ibanez semi-hollows jazz models. They have very good construction and sound amazing out of the box. Definitely one of the best options to buy a jazz guitar at this price range.

    I am not so partial to the Epiphones, once a great company today are a brand used to distribute low level Gibson clones. All that have passed through my hands sounded and looked bad. I am sure there must be some good ones out there nevertheless.

  6. JorgeRubiales

    hofer veythin or ibanez semihollow, plus an electronics change, and you're done. The ibanez as103 actually has some great pickups, so check that one out. Verythins have spruce top, so a little different character, try them if you can.

  7. jazzacast55

    Great thanks guys! you all have been very helpful! I'll let you know which one I get

  8. Sandemose

    I agree with Dorian Grey. Here is me playing my Höfner Verything:

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    Best, Sandemose

  9. adhok

    hey--very nice playing, Sandemose. I can say that I've played a sheraton since the early 90's and has served me well.

  10. TruthHertz

    Ibanez, Samick, if you can pick up an old vintage ibanez (early 80's) or a Korean one, I think it was the AS-80 that had the amazing Japanese neck of the AS-200 on a Korean body. switch out the pickups and that is one beautiful guitar-got one on ebay for under 500 not too long ago. I say Samick because there are lots of guitars out there but lots of them, including a fair number of Ibanezes are made by Samick.
    You can also find Guild Starfires out there too.
    Cautionary note: With a neck that long, chances of getting one with a wonky neck are much higher. That's one reason to find something like a AS-200 or AS-80, the Fujuken necks have good grain and good QC. 3 piece necks are also a good idea for stabilization.
    Older Guilds had nice wood, but do be aware of neck issues.
    Kurt's played these too, but only a rare one that has a singular feel.
    Kurt, care to talk about what you look for and how do you find it?

  11. jazzacast55

    Great! Thanks, I hadn't checked out any guilds, looking them up now.
    That would be awesome if Kurt gave any info also!

  12. Even though it's not the look you want and they tend to be a bit mid centric (... Nothing an eq can't fix ). Nobody is mentioning danelectros. They are durable and stay in tune and are very reasonably priced. Solid body ergonomic feel with a rumble you can feel in your bones ... Just sayin...

  13. jazzacast55

    If anyone is interested still I ended up with the Hofner Verythin! arrived in the mail today, had to get it set up as it was pretty much unplayable out of the box, may post a video tomorrow for those who are interested in checking it out! thanks for the help and advice guys!

  14. JorgeRubiales

    How's the neck on that verythin? It would be great if you could compare it to some Ibanez neck, as I find those to be the most comfortable ones I've ever tried.

  15. jazzacast55

    Here is a short clip of me playing the Hofner for those who were interested, still getting used to it as the neck is wider then my old guitar but starting to feel great! hope you enjoy!
    Oh and I haven't come across many Ibanez so can't really compare, the neck feels great and the thin body feels very comfortable.

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