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  1. Anny Mouse

    Hey guys,

    Anyone familiar with Mike's Mesa Boogie amp in this video? Not sure what model and it seems to have several (3 maybe) inputs in places where knobs used to be...hmm. I'm sure it's highly modified. Just curious if anyone can give any details either based on the video or first hand experience in person. Thanks!

    You can get a good look around 6 minutes!

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  2. F-30 I believe. I had one for a few years---very good amp. After my car wreck it was never the same and I could never get it fixed. I would get another one if I could afford it.

  3. smoke

    Yeah, F30. He owns several of them and usually runs them stereo with a Polytone. Not sure if his personal amps are modified but I have heard him on one that I know was stock (it was mine) and he sounded exactly the same.

  4. Anny Mouse

    Thanks guys :)



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