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  1. reggit25

    Does anyone have any recordings of a Mike Moreno or Lage Lund clinic or lesson?
    I really want to get a better idea of their approaches and I'd be very grateful for anything.
    I'm also happy to trade for transcriptions I've done of either guitarist.
    All the best,

  2. smoke

    I know Mike will do Skype lessons so you can ask him if he has time available. I assume Lage would as well but I have never asked. I have taken from a lot of NY guys via Skype and no one has turned me down so it is probably worth asking.

    As for sharing lessons, I know Lage has specifically said he doesn't want the lessons he gives recorded and shared. There is a post about it somewhere on this site.

    I don't want to get too preachy so I'll leave it at that. Email the guys and set up a lesson.

  3. I believe the thread you're referring to came out of somebody trying to get someone to post or share a Gilad lesson.

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  4. smoke

    I stand corrected but suspect they would feel the same. I'd hope whoever has material would clear it first.

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