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  1. Chris

    Does anyone know what Moreno uses effects wise..? He gets these great volume swells and very slight tremolo effects.. Also he's got great unique tone, Listen to Kendrick Scott's Reverence, Speak Like A Child 5:00 in for an example of these great swells.. Also his new album Another Way has a great sound to the recording. Sounds expensive


  2. guitar1025

    Pretty sure I've seen an Erine Ball volume pedal in his setup. Not sure about any of the other stuff, though.

  3. Neither

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    See here (photos from Mike Moreno's Facebook) :

  4. jorgemg1984

    I have heard he uses delay but not reverb and his OD pedal is a Klon Centaur.

  5. smoke

    I saw him play last year and he had the following, as best I recall:

    EB Volume Pedal - Boss Tuner - Klon - Some type of OD that was swirly painted - Boss DD3 delay - Lexicon Reverb unit fed into a Polytone 12" and a Mesa Boogie F30.

    The Klon and swirly painted OD were always on. He rode the volume pedal quite a bit and increased/decreased delay times a few times. The tremelo effects were done via the volume pedal and not an actual trem pedal. Other than that, everything pretty much stayed the same throughout the night.

    His live tone was the best live sound I have ever heard. I think the combination of the Mesa, Klon, and his touch are pretty magical.

  6. jorgemg1984

    Oh so he does use reverb and delay at the same time, don't know why I thought the opposite. Never seen him live but his recorded tone is actually my least favorite of all the "modern guys".

  7. smoke

    Yep, the verb unit sat on top of the mesa and fed into the Mesa and Polytone. The DD3 was always on, as best I can recall.

    Still not sure what the swirly painted OD was. Maybe someone w/ gear knowledge will know. Maybe a Rockbox Boiling Point? Landgraff?

  8. jorgemg1984

    With Ods it's hard to know, there are too many small builders.

  9. I saw Mike recently in NY. He was using a Polytone and a Mesa.
    His board has a new codtone overdrive that I built for him, a Landgruf, Klon KRT, Boss Tuner, EH Freeze and Strymon Delay and Verbs.
    I'm pretty stoked that he's using my pedal!

  10. jazznan

    I'm stoked for you as well, nice! However, learn to take a photo! Hahaha! :)

  11. Ha ha! Yes, it's a crummy pic. It's very dark in there.
    Here's an equally poorly photographed tune from his gig- (featuring the pedal throughout.)

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