Mike Moreno going bananas...

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  1. Sandemose

  2. Kapteinar

    Man.. His playing is unreal. The Marchione sounds great too!
    It's as if his whole approach to playing changed when he got that giutar.
    So dynamic and technically refreshing.

  3. Matt

    agreed - mike is digusting. in the rad way.

  4. He is like kurt on steroids.

    However I don't really dig his sound.
    He is amazing. (Time/Phrasing)

    But cats like nir felder and lage lund are far better and more interesting players.

  5. Matt

    i will say, i wouldn't hear mike playing this -

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  6. DGP

    Yo Sandemose,

    Great video man, and thanks for sharing.

    I agree with you, Mike deserves a lot of credit. One thing I dig about him in particular is that he seems to have started with a sound very influenced by Kurt's but, over the years, gradually evolved that language into something distinctly his own. (Although his tone is a little thin and weak for my taste.)

    Another thing is, as you said, his writing. His tunes are so beautiful, and an interesting contrast from his soloing. Like, in this video, he blazes through "But Beautiful," but then when you listen to his records you find a more intimate focus. He's more dynamic than it appears at first listen. That's what sets him apart from other guys such as Lage & Kreisberg in my opinion... I guess I don't see them as possessing the same level of creative versatility.

    Any thoughts?


  7. One of the things I noticed especially in this video

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  8. horg

    Ya Mike Moreno is awesome, he and Tim Miller are my favorite players right now. They're both amazing.

    As to comparing Nir Felder to Mike Moreno...Nir's cool and all but it's a totally different style in my opinion. Mike has a lot of the tradition in him...a lot of old school. He just makes something new out of it.

    Nir Felder on the other hand...not so much tradition lol. Actually, a friend of mine had a lesson with him and asked him about the crazy intervalic triad stuff he does. Nir Felder replied : "I just make up a random progression in my head that has nothing to do with the tune and I play the triads for the chords". That said, when Nir's freaking out...he's actually just freaking out lol, no point getting a mental hard-on trying to make sense of it.

    Nir Felder's cool, but Mike's language is more refined.

  9. Matt

    another player that i think is similar to the triadic 'freak out' stuff is Chris Crocco. he's got a few sick lines. -

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  10. jazzacast55

    Sorry to go a little off topic, Horg, would love to hear any more info on the your friends lesson with nir? I always thought the whole big interval thing was very random that he does but he, to me is a very interesting player, very little info or interviews about his approach on line.

  11. smoke

    Since we are way off topic...

    I tried to get a lesson w/ Nir for about a year last year and we just never could work out a time when both of our schedules allowed. I finally just figured that all of the answers to my questions were in his playing so I sat down and transcribed several pages worth of his lines from various recordings. His playing is very 'transcribable', in my opinion, because he plays fairly well-defined phrases, much like Moreno. It is easier to take a specific line or idea from them since they don't just run 8th notes for 8 choruses.

    I found these recordings from Adam Niewood and mined them for patterns that pop up (link below). He does use a ton of triadic-type lines, especially in diminished-type patterns (a lot of this, actually). He also is pretty fond of augmented triad patterns. If you listen to enough of his stuff, you can start to hear his approach fairly clearly. His touch, tone, and sense of time are extremely important...I can attest to that. When I play his lines, they don't sound like him! Anyway, there is a lot of GREAT music in these recordings including some standards.


    I will put in a plug for the Sunny Jain disc 'Taboo'. It is absolutely some of the best Nir Felder playing I have heard.

  12. jazzacast55

    Hey thank you so much, I have 1 song from the Sunny Jain disc and I'll be getting the rest! I will also check out the Adam Niewood stuff also, thanks for the help!

  13. horg

    Sorry jazzacast55, that's all I know of the lesson. The question was what goes through his head when he does all that stuff and his answer was that he just makes up a progression. Now, of course, this implies it isn't RANDOM crap, it's just that he decides to completely, or partially, ignore the ACTUAL changes to the tune they're playing and instead plays whatever progression he feels like. That's pretty much all I know of his approach. That said, it just goes to show you that it's all about rhythm.

    Anyways, Mike....YA.

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    really cool tune

  14. smoke

    Saw this posted on the WBGO podcast this past week. An older recording, but still blazing.

    BTW>>There is one for Nir out there too (June 15, 2010 session).


  15. Matt


    basically the same songs as on the wbgo checkout, but live. i like the sound of these more. still great either way!

  16. jazzacast55

    Anyone know what pickups Mike has in his guitar? Also he uses round wound string right, I'm guessing 12s, it seem like know one uses flatwounds, Rosenwinkel, Hekselman, Kreisberg, they all use round wounds, funny

  17. Neither

    In 2007, he played a Gibson ES-335 (now a Marchione) with LXP-1, Mesa-Boogie f-30, and for the strings : D'Addario strings 12. For the pickups, I think it's a Marchione.

  18. jazzacast55

    Sweet thanks man! Very Helpful

  19. zjivve

    yup its a Marchione semi hollow. It`s such a Sweet 9 000 dollars guitar . I wish i could afford that :-)
    It has custom Dimarzio pickups on it.


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