Mike Moreno Kickstarter project

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  1. Matt

  2. JorgeRubiales

    Too expensive, but it looks like a nice formula to me to help produce your projects. If you have a fan base you'll make it. If not, or if it's too expensive, well...

  3. Matt

    i almost think it's a call for help...as if jazz musicians dont have the money to release their music. which is sad, methinks.,

  4. mikelorenz

    I've seen some really great things come out of Kickstarter and think it's a unique way to fund projects. Almost like an advance from your fans that you'll pay back with the finished product.

    The one's that I've seen that have done the best are the ones that are creative and offer something unique in return. I've also seen a few that have a community element that really makes the investment worthwhile. A friend of mine recorded his newest album through a Kickstarter project. The album was recorded live with a studio audience of 20-30 people. Donations would sponsor students from the area to attend the concert free of charge as well as a hardcopy of the CD once it was finished. Jason Parker, a trumpet player in Seattle, had a successful project on Kickstarter by offering affordable options as well as unique options.

    I don't think Kickstarter is for someone that just wants to fund their project. I think there has to be a creative, generous and unique idea offered for people to be generous in return.

  5. jazznan

    I hope he makes it. Pretty cool the support from other musicians on there


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