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Mike Moreno new record?

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  1. Sandemose

  2. jazzacast55

    He is very versatile, check this out

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    He's into everything! haha

  3. Matt

    mike really does dive deep into all kinds of music.

  4. Dorian Grey

    Ouch! totally rad!! love those synth overtones :)

  5. geetarted

    Thanks Sandemose, the link was inspirational. I had to stop at the drum intro.. too much.. just too much. ;)

  6. Dorian Grey

    Now seriously guys; is new album "first in Mind" is very cool! Check here:

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  7. Sandemose

    Yeah, Dorian, I got it, just listened to it once but it sounds really good. I was expecting a record with vibraphones (spelling?) and the tune "One and a half" (is found on youtube as well) but it wasnt on it. Was that a different record?

    best, Sandemose

  8. luiscastro

    "One and a half" will be on his new record to be released later this year, maybe September. Its gonna be a great record with Aaron Parks, Matt Brewer, Ted Poor and I think this one may have vibes on it. Check Mike's website for more info.


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