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  1. Neither

  2. Poparad

    His album with Sissel Vera Petersen and Joachim Baddenhurst (I probably misspelled both of their names) titled "Equilibrium" is one of the most beautiful records I have ever heard.

  3. Neither

    Hi Jeremey,
    I saw you made a transcription of "Four !" on your website ( ). I agree with you : Equilibrium is a beautiful record.

  4. Totally unrelated but, beautiful job with the monder tune I saw on you tube. You are a great guitar player.

  5. Poparad

    Thanks. That one wasn't as ferocious as I thought it would be. I've been working on Windowpane, however, for well over a year now. Well, for the most part. I seem to learn 95% of it and get burned out and put it aside for a few months, forgetting most of it.

  6. Poparad

    Hopefully in the near future I'll have some more Ploug transcriptions to put up. I've got a few half-finished that I need to get back on again. I actually got an e-mail from Mikkel about my "Four!" transcription. He offered a couple corrections for one part that I never could decide the right chord symbol for, since the harmony isn't very clearly implied, but otherwise said what I came up with was what he had.

  7. Neither

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    Anybody can help for the name of his effects ?

  8. smoke

    I'll take a crack at it.

    Light Green - Ibanez TS9
    Pink/Purple - Maxon AD-999
    Small Blue - Malekko Chorus (possibly trem)
    Big Green - Line 6 DL4
    Big Tweed - Vanamps Sole-mate
    Small black one - maybe a TC Electronics tuner?

    The Moog is either a Freqbox or Phaser.

    Not sure about the expression pedal/wah thingy.

  9. Neither

    thanks a lot

    Magical rainbow ponies
  10. Gesture

    Wow Equilibrium is amazing.. Great singer as well. Thanks so much!

  11. Neither

    He plays with Pete Robbins Transatlantic Quartet, on the album "Live in Basel", great album too.

  12. Neither

    Mikkel Ploug Group feat. Mark Turner live (31 mars) :

  13. Benny

    Just saw Mikkel Ploug play here in London two weeks ago. He was touring his new album, 'At Black Tornado'. Great player and trio!

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    I thought this video was quite clever - Ploug playing a transcription of a US political debate:

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  14. I previewed the 'black tornado' album on iTunes..Nice compositions and playing. I probably would have bought it except I can't listen to that kind of guitar tone for 11 songs. I felt like I was in Guitar Center.

  15. Poparad

    That's my only real complaint about his trio stuff (or really almost any guitar trio record) is that the texture is way too stagnant. Despite the excellent songs and great playing, it becomes so bland after a while. His albums with Mark Turner offer that extra bit of contrast in texture, as well as reinforcement of the melody (so the melody and harmony aren't all played with one unified sound - the guitar), are so much stronger solely for this reason.

  16. As for the debate video , Dan Weiss has been at this for years . Here's a fun one:

  17. Years ago there was a pretty out project that basically did this with speeches by governor Gray Davis of California at the time. I can't find anything to show .

  18. Henry Hey too! :)

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