Minor Blues Rhythm Help

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  1. Matt

    I'm attempting to transcribe Kurt's solo on "minor blues", but the rhythms in the opening bars (after the opening quarter-note triplets and the first bar) are giving me a hard time. They sound almost like 7:4 polyrhythms, but not as even, and he sneaks a note in at the end that makes it (to my ears) not a pair of quarter-note triplets.
    I haven;t found any notated transcriptions of this solo, and any help is appreciated.!

  2. Quintricacy

    It sounds like a 4:3 relationship but crossing the bar lines. Which would make it dotted 8th's maybe. That's what I think it might be anyways.

    *Just listened to it again there and it sounds more like quarter note triplets in different groupings. Or another way could be he's doing a metric modulation where the quarter note triplet becomes the new quarter note as there's generally 8 notes to the pattern. But you'd still write that as quarter note triplets in the transcription and use phrase marks to outline how the triplets are grouped.

  3. Matt

    I don't understand any of that.
    i think that shows i probably shouldn't be trying to transcribe this solo.

  4. Sandemose

    I would bet my left hand Poparad can figure this one out, if he havent done it already? Eitherway, Matt, if you can play the solo (which would be awesome) thats the most important thing, much more important to be able to write it down (even if thats a good thing as well). Good work dude, would be cool to hear you play it.

    Best, Sandemose

  5. Matt

    Thanks for the inspiration, Sandemost.

    I'll continue to work on it and notate it the best i can. Maybe Popard can revise it after I'm done?

  6. arewolfe

    I don't think it's as easy as putting a polyrhtythm number on it. My guess is that he wasn't thinking about it much when he was playing. It sounds to me like he was totally in one of those moments where you're just letting go... the music comes out through your hands... your senses almost divide in half to the point where you're paying more attention to "how" your notes sound against the time than "if" your notes are in time. You're not trying to force your notes into a specific space (i.e. 8th notes), they're just happening.

    I think if you have a very solid sense of time you can actually listen to yourself soloing against the context of the music that's happening around you. You can actually listen to the two different things that are happening (your solo vs. the actual pulse of the music) because half of your brain is helping create the musical ideas, and the other half of your brain is listening to how your solo sounds against the rest of the band. Almost like you're listening to the music that you're enveloped in through a 2nd set of ears.

    On a related note, I tried transcribing the line from Minor Blues at 2:18 the other day. I failed miserably. For years I'd been curious to find out what the hell he was doing there. I spent 45 minutes and could not figure it out. It was the first time I've ever acknowledged that maybe one of those "slow-downer" transcribing tools would have been useful.

  7. Quintricacy

    Give me a moment when I have some free time and I'll write it out rhythmically and put it up here for you.

  8. Sandemose

    Go Quintricacy, goo!

  9. Matt

    I have to admit, i have used Audacity to slow down parts of it.
    But, I've only transcribed one other solo and am in high school. hopefully that's no sin.

  10. Poparad

    At first, I was inclined to agree that it was dotted eights, however, after writing it out, it ends up taking up too many measures to end where Kurt ends at (which is about the 9th bar of the form). I'm fairly certain that it's actually just quarter note triplets. However, what's weird about it is that it's starting on beat 2 of the second measure, so the bar line is obscured all the way through the idea.


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