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  1. cruxtable

    Does anybody know of recordings/video of guys like moreno, lage lund or gilad playing really up tempo? I'm working on my technique so I can play 8th notes on tunes approaching 350 bpm but I've never heard any of these guys whose legato sound I like play that fast... the fastest I hear are guys like Benson or like those Oberg videos, guys who pick most notes but don't have as a fluid sound. especially would like to see really fast moreno playing, as I'm trying to work on my economy picking and it's tricky getting it at higher speeds..s

  2. Poparad

    Gilad plays on a really up version of "The Way You Look Tonight" on Ari Hoenig's "Bert's Playground" album.

  3. JorgeRubiales

    Excuse me, but that tempo is ridiculous. Are you sure you don't mean 250 bpm? At 350, everything is going to be picked, unless you use some really heavy compression.

    I'm not against speed but come on, that is masturbation, man.... lol

  4. cruxtable

    I'm basing that speed off of what I've had to do at jam sessions... and I've had to play at tempos faster than that. I agree that most stuff will be picked at that speed, but I'm interested to hear how those guys play over those tempos since they're not your standard bebop line shredding guitarists like Pat Martino or someone, and to see whether at those tempos they're strictly alternating or economy as I believe Mike does mostly.

  5. wilmore

    metheny trio. (go) get it, 300 bpm.....lots of legato(and never picked hammer ons). those tempos are definitely not ridiculous. horn players love to mess with guitarists on jam sessions!! although 300 ain't 350. quote from Mr. Goodrick's advancing guitarist....still can't cut those fast tempos....things to work on.

  6. JorgeRubiales

    Damn horn

  7. Holdsworth...

  8. That's pretty fast though

  9. Matt

    peter bernstein handles tempo well in my opinion. i dunno about 300+ bpm, but he's always swinging.

  10. jorgemg1984

    But he usually doesn't play a lot of notes on the up temps (although he does manage to swing at any tempo)

  11. arewolfe

    I don't think 350 is the end of the world. I mean if you're trying to learn a Parker solo on guitar at that tempo forget it. But handling the energy is doable if you practice on a regular basis. I'm sure I'll never produce an endless flowing stream of notes at that tempo, but the excitement and intensity still exists when you play a tune that fast, and that makes it worth it for me to work on becoming comfortable in that realm. I mean just listen to an upright bass and drummer comp at that tempo... for me there's an excitement and anticipation like " oh shit, something serious is about to go down."


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