Moffa Guitar Deposit for Sale

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  2. JorgeRubiales

    Well, maybe you should check that with Moffa, I don't know if there would be some kind of contract, and if there would be issues with paperwork. After all, your deposit has to be on paper with your name and all of it notified to the state, so definitely moffa should know if you are going to change your mind. Good luck!

  3. just curious: what kind of model / which specs is it?
    cheers, lupo

  4. Nicco (Moffa is fine with it)

    I've spoken to him already.

    The model is the marayan model
    and delivery for the model is summer 2011.

    The deposit is 200 euros
    so all you would have to do is deposit that into my bank account
    and i would tell nicco you are the holder of the guitar now.

    This is no scam I'm not trying to rip anyone off here. clearly..

    If your serious about this just email me @ my email.
    And we can discuss it further.


  5. Also if you would been keen . on a moffa guitar/.
    This is a rare position
    because nicco tells me the waiting list is 18 months



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