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  1. Hi everybody, I think I was the first one to try the new Moffa Archtop that Kurt's been using in the making of his last trio album.
    In fact Nico Moffa, the italian luthier, was carrying my and Kurt's guitars.
    Great instruments, great sounds, though Kurt's always shining no matter what guitar he uses.
    Btw Kurt: when do do you think the Moffas will sound the most (in terms of wood seasoning)?

  2. denjz

    Wow,this is very interesting! What about posting some clips?

  3. 111

    Check out the Moffa site under the "SOUNDS" category. Many nice surprises.

  4. Alvin

    By the way... Although I have just one guitar and am constantly broke, just out of curiosity... How much do they cost? Like approximately?

    All the best

  5. Hey!
    As Nico wrote in his recent newsletter, there is a new pricelist for the Moffa guitars, valid from february on.
    Man, prices are increasing pretty strong, more than 1000 euros for some models....
    Anyone else thought about ordering one before february, for the old price? I'm constantly broke as well, but I could sell some gear and actually afford one. But then there is the tough choice of choosing one of those beauties....
    Have any of you guys actually played one already??
    Cheers, lupo

  6. JorgeRubiales

    1000€ for a hand-made guitar is a reasonable price. Hand-made classicals sell for at least 2000 for a decent one...

  7. Yeah ive tried a Maryan. Supernice guitar. It has a accoustic (steelstring) feel to it though that will suprise you a bit at first. I think Kurt probably use one with a centerblock to cut feedback and take away some of the accoustic attack. I ended up getting a Elferink insted partly due to the climate i holland beeing more like where i live. A carved artchtop takes a bit of taking care of when it comes to humidety and stuff.. I think you would be superpleased with a Moffa but be sure to disscous with nico what u want, how u play and so on if you decide to go that way.

    It`s nice and all that Nicos begining to make a name for himself. But i do think a lot of instruments begining to be priced totaly of the charts. A 1000 euro rise from last years priselist is kind of vierd but they are still "affordable". A Maryan is now 5400 Euros. Maybe it has something to do with the fall of the euro ? But if you look at say Benedetto then the prices are crazy. They charge 25 000 dollars for a standard 17" artchtop (Plus 28 % tax for most european countrys) What jazzplayer can afford that, and also who dares to travel and gig with that kind of guitars? Seems like they are made more for collectors and ritch people that wants a 80 000 dollar guitar on their wall to be honest. Sure they are greate guitars but they are no better than many of the other guitarmakers out there that make amazing guitars.

    If you want a cutom artchtop or semihollow, then be sure to check out :

    -Victor Baker Guitars
    -Andersen Guitars
    -Comins Guitars

    / Z

  8. @JorgeRubiales: what I meant was a 1000 euro increase compared to last years prices. Most of the models are now between 3500 - 5500.
    @zjivve: thanks for your comments. I think I would be going for one of the semihollow models. I'm really more into a mellow, dark sound than into those crispy heights that most solid-top archtops have, so I'm not that sure if a Moffa is really the best way to go (apart from their simply gorgeous looks) My alternative would be a vintage Gibson, either a 175 or a 330, given that a reasonably priced one comes around.

  9. JorgeRubiales

    That's a big jump....anyway, if they're top notch guitars they are still reasonably priced, but I still see that bump somewhat steep.


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