Monder & Henkselman at Smalls tonight (nov23)

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  1. shawnuff

    Hi all,

    first off, thanks to Sandemose for making me aware of the smalls live video. secondly, tonight at smalls is apparently trio night, and they will feature three trios, the first brian charette organ trio with ben monder and the second ari hoenig trio with gilad henkselman. fortunately for us non-NYCers, these performances should be available on the 'live video feed'. the first show starts at 7:30 nyc time..that's in about 15 minutes from now...

  2. Sandemose

    shawnuff: you´re most welcome. Im watching right now. Its 01:51 local time, and I wont make it to see watch Gilad (even if Id love to). Ben Monder is one of my all time favorite players.

    best, Sandemose

  3. Poparad

    *Checks clock* ... 10:12pm. Dammit! Oh, well, at least I can still catch Gilad.

  4. The Monder set with Brian Charette was killin'. Watching Ari and Gilad right now is like going to church. Even though I'm a drummer, I love Gilad's playing. He and Ari have such amazing chemistry when they play with each other, and Ari always makes me re-think my own playing. This streaming video is such a gift. Watch it!

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  5. Colonel Trane

    Seriously that is so cool. I had no idea smalls did that! Watching Henkselman as I type this

  6. Pascau

    Thanks for posting about this! Too cool.

  7. ok i was there. It kicked ass. Monder is off the wall, he is an evil genius. Gilad is main man of melody, great stuff

  8. lollygirl

    I saw Gilad and Ari play at the Wangaratta Festival of Jazz they played in a quintet with sax, bass and drums. It was so magical I went twice. If anyone gets a chance to hear them play, go, you won't regret it.


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