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More US Tour Dates?

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  1. DonB1

    With Kurt playing some January dates in New York, is there any chance he'll play other US venues - I'm specifically hoping for Chicago, or somewhere within driving distance, of course. And how about a class or clinic as long as he's here? And dinner at my house, too! What the heck?!
    But seriosuly, when will we seem some more US dates??
    Thank you,
    Don B
    Chicago, IL

  2. kurtisrosenwinkel

    we will be out to shytown in march...

  3. DonB1

    Thanks so much for the quick response; much appreciated! Is it too early to divulge the venue? Or do I just need to watch your site and the internet for an announcement?

    One more follow up - do you know if you might be holding a class or clinic of any kind while you're here? Hopefully you will - if you need a music store to work with, I can certainly recommend a couple of very good ones for you. If you're not doing a class of some kind, would you consider a one-on-one lesson? I can definitely get my email to you if there's a chance to set something up.

    Thanks very much,


  4. You should definitely come to Minneapolis if you're going to hit Chicago. Lots of folks are into you here and I guarantee you'd sell out, maybe even two nights.

  5. meanmud


    Philly isn't feeling the love.......any word on your return for some gigs??

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  6. fftwd


    How about an east coast tour with a stop in the Raleigh/Durham area?


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  7. sryan

    I would love to see Kurt down in Tampa/St. Pete.

  8. I second the Tampa/St. Pete vote!

  9. wommusic
    Key Master

    Hey Everybody - Kurt's game to play all of these places. The main issue, sometimes, is having a promoter set up a date in the particular city. We've had some interest in Florida over the years, but it never materialized into actual gigs - sadly!


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