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  1. jazznan

    In the modern jazz landscape it seems to me that Aaron Park's "Invisible Cinema" will go down as one of the most influential albums and sounds (especially compositionally). And I"m not talking about intermediate steps along the way, but a full blown sound. I know that Brad Mehldau's playing (he just rocks) and compositions are a huge influence, to everyone and people like Parks etc...but Parks had a unified sound and concept on one album, like Kind of Blue.

    What does everyone think?

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  2. jorgemg1984

    Hmm I think Kurt's "The Next Step" would be the most influential. My personal modern jazz favorite is "The Vastness of Space" by Reid Anderson.

  3. jazznan

    yeah, good ones

  4. patfarlow

    "season of changes" Brian Blade is very good.

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  5. jazznan

    Sorry, I have to comment again and say, yeah! Great one!

  6. jbroad

    chris cheek's "vine" should be in the running

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  7. adamv

    Yeah I agree to a certain extent. I think the whole modern jazz movement we are witnessing and are apart off will go down in history. It is an exceptionally creative time and the musicianship and composing are thru the roof man. I can't pin down one album to sum up all that is happening. I'm just glad to be alive while it is happening. Invisible cinema is an amazing record though. It knocked me out.

  8. adamv

    i love what kendrick scott oracle is doing too and james farm was awesome as well.

  9. jorgemg1984

    Forgot about Brian Blade and Chris Cheek ("A Girl named Joe" is awesome)... Mark Turner's "Dharma Days" or Kurt's "The Remedy" are also amazing but the Reid Anderson one is still my favorite. I think this will stay in history as one of the best periods of jazz.

  10. arewolfe

    Inivisible Cinema was the most powerful jazz record (of the last 40 years or so) that I've come across since discovering KR in 2003.

  11. Chris

    You guys are way to chill. I live in Syracuse, NY and I try telling people that we're at a crossroads in modern, contemporary jazz and no one here has any clue. There like, who's Kurt Rosenwinkel? Let alone Ben Monder, Aaron Parks, Adam Rogers, & Mike Moreno.

    The sounds on Invisible Cinema are a perfect blend of so many good things (Indie Rock, R&B, Jazz, ect.). The solo on Harvesting Dance is definitely a high point for me.

    If we're mentioning important recordings of the last 40 years I have to say that for me, Kurt's Reflections makes my No 1 with OJM following close behind.. I know it's mostly standards besides East Coast Love Affair... But every tune on that record could stand alone and get 5 stars.. out of this world. amazing. Also the quality of the recording is fantastic. Whenever I throw it on it's like an escape.

    Shout out to Eric Harland.. He's unbelievable.

  12. arewolfe

    Thanks for that Brian Blade tune. Is the whole record that good!?! I guess I'll just go find out for myself...

  13. patfarlow

    i personally think the whole Brian Blade album is very good, i dont know exactly why i love it so much.

  14. contremisart

    kurt and his friends.. those are the influential guys

  15. arewolfe

    Forgot to mention the Avishai Cohen record "Continuo." This one really knocked me off my feet. I put it in the same category as the most powerful records in my life, like Invisible Cinema and Heartcore.

    1st track on that record:

  16. smoke

    I vote any of Christian Scott's recordings starting w/ Anthem. Not only for the playing, and writing, but also it is one of the few 'bands' in jazz these days. They have played together for years and have a sound that is completely unique. Take any one member out and the band isn't the same.

  17. arewolfe

    Yeah great stuff. I used to watch them when they were first starting out, 2003/04. Some of the personnel has changed since then, but the guitarist has been with him all along. They really blew me away live. "Rewind That" is my favorite record of his.

  18. smoke

    I know it is early, but his newest recording is one of the best sets I have heard in my life. I have listened to it over and over again. Matt Stevens is on fire on it.

  19. arewolfe

    Yesterday You Said Tomorrow, or is there something newer?

  20. smoke

    The brand new one - Christian aTunde Adjuah. It is a two disc set of new studio recordings.


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