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  1. wilmore

    hey all, i am moving to nyc for 9 months and was wondering what forum members who live there do for work besides playing music. any info would be helpful.
    Ben Wilmore

  2. guitar1025

    Hey Ben,

    I live in the NYC area. I actually live in Union City, NJ, which is basically the first town you get to when you cross the tunnel into NJ. I call it cheating because I pay about a third of what I would have to pay to live in the city. If there's no traffic, I can get from my door to midtown in about 15 minutes (faster than most parts of Brooklyn and even uptown on the weekends). I made it from my door to Williamsburg in less than a half hour this weekend!!

    Aside from playing, I teach privately. I also do catering work. It's very good money and it's ridiculously easy work. The only downside is the work tends to slow down during the summer.

    Well, welcome and I hope you enjoy it here. Shoot me an email, maybe we can meet up or check out some music somewhere.

    [email protected]

    Catch you later!

  3. guitarmo

  4. silverwater

    Teaching English as a Second Language is something to check out. There's a high turnover rate due to the fact that ESL teachers generally like to travel. If you search "ESL Teacher NYC" you'll see a ton of listings.

    Most schools will require a BA in anything plus a certificate (usually called a TESOL or TEFL certificate). What's good about it for me is that I know that I'm going to get a steady paycheck no matter what, but I won't be stuck at my work all day.

  5. gleepglop

    I don't anymore, but I used to work as a barista in NYC. If you have experience you can make $10-15 per hour plus tips working at a good shop (stumptown, blue bottle, third rail, grumpy, 9th st, joe's, etc).

  6. wilmore

    thanks for the info guys!! we'll have to hang when i get out there.


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