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  1. steepcreeks

    Just wondering if I'm over-looking a function in the forum. Can we see each others email addresses anywhere? Or a way to Msg? Every once in a while I have a question for one person regarding technique, gear, etc. from reading old posts and don't feel like dragging it to a top thread esp if they don't frequent the forum.
    Cheers, Ben

  2. After reading your post, i clicked your hyperlinked name in the avatar field of the post ( Located to the left next to one's comment - sometimes accompanied by a slightly boring design like say if you were to quilt a bunch of triangles of varying sizes to form a constellation not unlike a swastika or a cool picture of yourself zenning out mid solo from a gig- if you happen to be more tech saavy). This led me to some stat and profile info where YOU apparently disclosed a contact email. This i guess would be the path other than outright asking someone who has not posted such info.
    Since this is being brought up, i think a while back i attempted to edit my info and didnt really find a way to do so... It is probably me though.

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