Music as a reflection of the universe

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  1. sandman

    This paper blew my mind:

    I was struck by how much it reminded me of things Kurt has talked about in interviews pertaining to "intuiting" what the universe is tell you (or something of that nature). There was a fantastic interview with one of the writers of this paper on the cbc radio show "quirks and quarks" concerning the paper. If math literature is not your bag the interview does a good job at describing the big points of the paper. I thought this would be an appropriate place to get peoples thoughts on this (especially Kurt). Or not...

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  2. Much more than a reflection. Interesting read..

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  3. fakejake

    Its crazy how many processes in the world obey the 1/f spectral distribution. Its such an universal phenomenon that it doesn't surprise me that music is no exception. I'm pretty certain that the spatial distribution of dogpoop in our cities follows the same rule.
    Not the bash the article +topic, PNAS is a highly respected journal and those guys certainly know what they're doing. Nice read!


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