My chart of Safe Corners - hows it look?

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  1. Been getting into this guy a lot lately and thought i'd start with an 'easier' tune (still took ages though). Would love to get some opinions on the chord changes especially, and some analysis ideas too! There's some weird harmony in there (for me)

    There's a dodgy vid of it -

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    Otherwise its on the album "The Remedy"

    I particularly like the chords in the turnaround of the A section (Ab7 Gb7). Anyone else played this piece?
    Also i was unsure of what to include in the melody, as he plays around with variations quite a bit.

    Thanks, Marty

  2. Hey!

    Looks really good. That's just from an ear/recording standpoint so far, but from what I can tell it's pretty close! I'll give it a play-through later. Just curious, what program/font did you use to engrave this? I like the output...I'm very dissatisfied with the way Finale's built-in jazz font looks on paper.

    Great job!

  3. Hey, thanks. I used musescore - thats the first time i've used it. Its a little bit quirky compared to sibelius, but it does look good huh!

    And its free!

  4. Looks good! Musescore seems to be a nifty little program.



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