My New Record feat. Kurt

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  1. jshore

    Hey Everybody!
    Just thought I'd pop by and let y'all know my record Filaments which features Mr. Rosenwinkel was released today. So if you need something to hold you over til all the great new stuff from him drops, you can pick it up on CDBaby, iTunes, etc. Been a long time in the making and working with him was an absolute honor. It's also my first real album and means a lot to me, so I hope you all enjoy!

    All the best,
    Julian Shore

  2. JPMike

    He plays on all tracks??

    Well, even if he doesn't I bought it. Nice music.

  3. jshore

    Wow thank you JPMike! He's only on three tracks but I'd certainly say they're my favorite :) Thanks so much for the support, means a lot.

  4. Thiago

    It's really beautiful music, jshore. I'll certainly buy it.

    It would be nice if something about your album were posted at Kurt's website and social networks, so that more people would be able to reach your music as well as Kurt's beautiful lines recorded on it.

    All the best, man.

  5. wommusic
    Key Master

    Good idea Thiago, you are right. We'll do that - Kurt is happy to have participated! I'll contact you Julian!

  6. sweetdeat

    Now that's teamwork!

  7. jshore

    Wow! Thanks guys!

  8. wommusic
    Key Master

    Now please share the front-page post about the album as many places as you all can, help people hear this music! Thanks to you all!

  9. guitarmo

    Social media 101!

  10. Thiago

    Nice! Let's spread the word!

  11. jshore

    Really humbled...


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