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  1. Chris

    Hello there!

    Someone sent me a bunch of untitled bootlegs of kurt and while listening today I discovered 5 tunes with another guitarist playing and comping with Mr. Rosenwinkel.. Might this be the Peter Bernstein Show at the Jazz Standard? The tunes in order are: Along Came Betty, Simone, Time Remembered, Inner Urge, and Sandu. Whoever sent them to me labeled Inner Urge as Zhivago... Was this first or second set?


  2. jbroad

    that's from fat cat in nyc. august 7, 2003

  3. Chris

    Is it Peter Bernstein with him (sounds like it)? Are these 5 tunes the only ones that surfaced or is there another set? Thanks jbroad!


  4. Dorian Grey

    I have 2 sets from Chris' Jazz Cafe, Philadelphia, PA - December 23, 2004

    Kurt Rosenwinkel - Guitar
    Peter Bernstein - Guitar
    Doug Weiss - Bass
    Ari Hoenig - Drums

    Notes: sets 2 and 3

    1. Serenity
    2. Soul eyes (6/8)
    3. round midnight
    4. milestones (old)
    5. Simone (F Foster, minor blues)
    6. Chelsea bridge
    7. Moment's notice
    8. I'll be seeing you

  5. jbroad

    yes, it's peter bernstein with him. i have the same 5 tunes so i think those were the only ones that were recorded

  6. Chris

    Thanks jbroad!

  7. geetarted

    Would like a copy is possible!?

  8. tonyguitar

    Hey Guys! I've never posted on here but I thought I'd share. You've inspired me to upload some mini disc recordings that I made at Chris' Jazz Club in Philadelphia Dec. 2004. I hope you enjoy them and I hope Kurt doesn't mind.

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  9. jorgemg1984



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