Nail Shape with Hybrid Picking?

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  1. silverwater

    Any hybrid pickers (pick and fingers) out there have any tips or know of any resources for shaping the nails using this style?

    I've tried to use classical guitar resources, but they've proven to be pretty much useless because the angle of your right hand isn't going to be the same as a pure fingerstyle player (well my right hand at least).

    It seems like a lot of hybrid players are generally unconcerned with having nails at all, and I was too until I wanted to get my pinky in on the action, and realized that having a nail helped make that weak little finger as loud as the rest of them...since then I've learned the value of fingernails, but as far as shaping is concerned I'm pretty much flying blind here...sometimes they work and sometimes they just get caught up in the string.

  2. JorgeRubiales

    The pinky isn't used almost never, even in classical guitar.

    If you have problems with your pinky's reach, try to angle your hand properly. I can't offer a better advice, since I study classical guitar and basically I use the same position as if I were playing classical but holding a pick.

  3. david6strings

    you already know "pumping nylon" don't you? check it out


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