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  1. Din

    I've always loved this tune, altough I never knew if it had a title.
    All I know, is that is very well constructed and it sounds like it has a little of the Zhivago vibe in it :)
    Will Kurt record it someday?


  2. jazzbum

    Little Dreamer. I LOVE THIS SONG.

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    I don't know when he is going to record it, but Ezra is another I heard him play live in Denver that just blew me away. I think both of them have lyrics too.....

  3. lacroix

    You will find a great instrumental version of the song in this recording from the Village Vanguard in 2009:

    The two mind-blowing sets are downloadable and you'll find your song at 56:30 of the first set.

  4. neilneil

    i can't seem to find the second set.. all i see is: Listen Now: Kurt Rosenwinkel Quartet In Concert
    and on the right: "download" below "add to playlist"- i've downloaded it: a mp3 file of the first set i believe..
    - could you guide me to the second set? thanks in advance :)

  5. Neither

  6. sweetdeat

  7. aaronbell

    I think this is song sung in the live concert.. Generic Store

  8. neilneil

    I feel kinda stupid sharing it (cuz it's just not correct and sometimes even weird) but I thought I'd write what I've got from trying to crack the lyrics for about half an hour.. English is not my first language and for some reason i'm having a real trouble trying to get the lyrics from this video, but I want to know the lyrics so if any of you understood some of the lyrics and see I got it wrong (or didn't get it at all), please correct me!

    Little Dreamer/ Kurt Rosenwinkel

    You're drifting in my eyes,
    please swim (whisper)? to me,
    take me out of ---- (line? mine?),
    put me into the stream,
    close into the root,
    dance in the waves,
    I become a part of a little...

    dreamer's dream,
    they'll send you comfortably (they ---- look after me?),
    they'll ----- and you'll see
    anyone to share the word (world?)
    and mind together.

    I see you in the sun,
    come down to me,
    Go and tell the one (tought it might be- 'go and kill the one' but that's kinda weird)
    then i want her to see
    teardrops in your eyes,
    you'll understand,
    holding all her lies (lights?)

    ----------- to her,
    from far away we see
    a ----------------
    and we know that ----
    -------- light feather.

    please, tell me where you grow (where'll you go?)
    do you really know,
    what this song is about?
    keeping in the end
    rolling in your arms
    show me that you will
    turn a ------- to a...

    another stanza I couldnt understand..

    I know a lot is wrong (even most of it) cuz I cant really understand the song yet.. just mentioning so you won't think i'm sure in what I've written...


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