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Name some of the greatest performances you've seen

(19 posts)
  1. contremisart

    Hey guys,
    I thought it would be interesting to share some of the most memorable concerts you've attended to.
    So here I go:

    Pat Martino Trio (Shawn Hill, Tony Monaco, Pat Martino) - this was life changing for me

    Pat Metheny Trio (Bill Stewart, Larry Grenadier, Pat Metheny) - the solo on q&a was especially amazing + the orchestrion machines

    John Scofield R&B Quartet - great groove and Nigel Hall was killing it

    Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood - he is god

    Wayne Shorter Quartet - very intense & original

    Telvin - seven of the greatest Turkish musicians playing together is a treat

    BB King, Santana, McLaughlin, Derek Trucks together on the same stage - The king kind of ruined the whole thing, but it was special anyway

    Metallica - my childhood heroes

    Haven't seen Kurt yet, so I guess it is reserved :)

    Contact us
  2. Tim

    I live in New Zealand so we dont get a huge amount of great Jazz musicians down under, However I will never forget
    a Michael Brecker concert and masterclass he did a few years back. Also saw Pat Metheny and Brad Mehldau when they came for the Wellington arts festival on seperate occasions which was incredible. Dave Matthews Band and Tool in the UK was truely fantastic experience!!
    Agreed with contremisart and still reserving the top spot for Kurt when he eventually makes the very very very very small trip from Australia across to NZ!!! haha

  3. Charlie hunter trio ( first live jazz exposure )
    Cedar Walton billy Higgins James moody stephon Harris
    Kurt 2003? Jeff Ballard mark turner Ben street next step times
    Allan holdsworth
    Peter brotzmann
    Brad mehldau ( trio and solo )
    Steve lacy
    Ray brown
    Kreisberg mark Ferber
    Paul Motian Loren stillman Ben street Thomas Morgan
    Bill mchenry
    Monder monder monder every/ anytime
    Jon Gordon
    jean Michel pilc trio
    Tony Williams mulgrew miller
    Dave liebman

  4. Deerhoof
    Nels cline

  5. arewolfe

    Bryan Baker (trio) in the Berklee cafeteria, 2004... some of the scariest, gnarliest shit I've ever heard.

    Christian Scott 2003 at the Virgin Record Store on Newbury/Mass Ave before it was Best Buy. His playing was a lot more unrestrained and crazy before he came into the public eye.

    Meshuggah 2001, 2002 in Massachusetts & 2003, 2008 in NYC.

    Kurt Quintet 2006 @ Regatta Bar (Eric Harland on drums)... View From Moscow, Flute, The Remedy... this was a sick set and they killed it.

  6. jbroad

    pat metheny group
    mike stern with bob berg
    scofield with idris muhammed (life changing)
    sco with seamus blake, kevin hayes and bill stewart
    elvin jones
    chick corea, roy haynes, kenny garrett & christian mcbride at the blue note, nyc
    paul motian with frisell and lovano (saw this band too many times to count)
    paul bley, gary peacock, & paul motian at birdland
    jim hall trio and quartet (5 or 6 times)
    joe henderson trio with george mraz and al foster
    john abercrombie organ trio
    kurt at smalls with mark turner and jeff ballard (2001-2002)
    wayne shorter group with david gilmore on gtr
    wayne shorter & herbie hancock duo (twice)
    wayne shorter, herbie hancock, dave holland, brian blade at carnegie hall
    steve lacy trio (life changing)
    joe lovano/tim hagans quartet with anthony cox on bass
    dave liebman group with vic juris at the 55 bar
    tim berne science friction- at the 55 bar and the knitting factory
    jojo mayer and nerve at both shrine (life changing) and nublu
    josh redman, brad mehldau, christian mcbride, and brian blade at the hyatt hotel in cincinnati, ohio
    pat metheny trio with bill stewart and larry grenadier at the knitting factory (2 times)
    marc copland trio with drew gress and jim black subbing on drums (jim black transformed this trio into something completely unique)
    brian blade fellowship (with kurt) at the village vanguard
    steve cardenas trio at the knitting factory
    chick corea electric band II (with mike miller on guitar and gary novak on drums)
    allan holdsworth quartet (with gary husband on drums)
    tribal tech
    yes (3 times)
    deep purple
    rush- time machine tour (2 years ago- moving pictures played in it's entirety)
    slayer with meshuggah opening in 1999
    stevie ray vaughan (2 months before he died)
    eric johnson in a small club in dayton, ohio before he blew up

    i'm also going to see radiohead 2 nights in a row in newark next month so i might as well just add it

  7. david6strings

    chick corea new trio
    metheny imaginary day (first time i heard the band live) and the way up (the most perfect interpretation of an album i've ever heard
    kurt in the enemies tour if i remember well
    russell malone
    pat metheny again this time with brecker and goldings and bill stewart special quartet, no words...magic
    of course joshua redman every time
    dave holland big band

    i surprise myself enjoying a lot the beyonce concert you know, that when she appears the first time with her female band
    it's curious sometimes the best can became the worst just because of the room sound, is frequently in spain there is no good sound proffesionals or not enough, the last concert i've seen was the Ambrosee with walter smith and the sound was so bad i went back home ungry with the people of tthe sound. that concert could have been great

  8. contremisart

    jbroad that's quite a list. man what would i not give to see stevie..
    btw what do you mean by eric johnson blowing up?

  9. jbroad

    eric johnson had a "hit" with cliffs of dover and then started playing much bigger places. i was lucky enough to catch him before they started playing that song on the radio. he played at a small club called giley's in dayton, ohio and tore the place up! and yes, stevie ray was on fire the night i saw him. it was a double bill with jeff beck. what a great show!

  10. gleepglop

    James Brown
    Joe Henderson with Kurt, George Mraz, Conrad Herwig, Jason Marsalis
    Brad Mehldau trio circa art of the trio 3 (seen him a few other times, but that was my fvorite)
    Mark Turner with Ellis Marsalis circa 1994
    Bootsy Collins/Bernie Worrell
    Frisell 858 Quartet
    Charles Lloyd w/Abercrombie, Billy Higgins, Marc Johnson
    Elvin Jones
    Herbie Hancock (twice--but the one with Dave Holland and Brian Blade was the more memorable)
    John Zorn's Masada (twice)
    Brian Blade (3 times, none with Kurt, unfortunately)
    Kurt and Mark Turner a bunch of times, circa Heartcore and Deep Song stand out
    Peter Bernstein/Sam Yahel/Brian Blade

  11. TruthHertz

    Wow- trip down memory lane... so many amazing memories. Here're a few of my most memorable, now I'll have to dig into the archives and hear these all again.
    Ben Monder/Mick Goodrick/Peter Herbert/Gary Chaffee quartet

    Mick Goodrick with Dewey Redmond, Charlie Haden and Paul Motian

    Bill Frisell's first quartet performance-1369 Cambridge. Before the gig he told Hank, Kermit and Joey "if something feels good and natural, don't play it."

    Bill Frisell's last quartet final performance-Knitting Factory. The end of a very long journey, a week at that venue, the last note I can still hear today.

    Bill Frisell's quartet at the Middle East, the best evening(s) of the band I heard. Opening act-a very young Kurt. Bill later told me he was blown away. It was the first time he'd heard Kurt. Kurt was maybe 19? Yeah, he was all the spirit, pathos, lagos and ethos he is today.

    John McLaughlin/Jonas Helborg duo. The best McLaughlin I've witnessed. Ever.

    Fred Hersch Jordan Hall. Everybody felt like they were witnessing Jesus having risen from the dead. He played like God.

    Charles Mingus last performance at Carnage Hall-he was wheeled in via wheelchair. Played like the devil.

    Paul Desmond's last performance with Dave Brubeck. He could hardly breathe but that's the way he always sounded. It was tragic and poignant because everyone knew he was going to be dead soon.

    Kurt at Boylston's-he was playing a standard, the tv was on, he was soloing and orchestrating what was playing on the TV. The changes were dead on gorgeous readings and fit perfectly the show, some police show as I recall.

    Sun Ra with Billy Bang, Marshall Allen and the arkestra. Whew.

    Mick Goodrick/Wolfgang Muthspiel the closest sympatico ever. They did a series of about 6 concerts around Boston. Tiny venues.

    Sco trio with Swallow and Adam. Power trio. LOUD! I remember the time he told me he'd gotten the gig with Miles.

    Paul Motian with Ben Monder

    Genesis with Peter Gabriel- they were just kids-it was magic

    Roland Kirk, playing a college in NJ. During the intermission he talked about some people he'd played with. "Jimi. He was a beautiful cat." It's decades later after his death and in my ear Kirk just gets better.

    Kurt at Chris's in Philly. Damn the crowd was so f*ckin loud with stupid talking and laughing women at the front table. Aaron was playing Use Of Light and I couldn't hear him 10 feet away. Kurt yells "Shut Up!" and in a moment it hit me just why those two words were invented. Yeah!


  12. jbroad

    ah, i forgot- mick goodrick and wolfgang muthspiel at the jazz standard a few years ago! killing!!! also, frisell, brian blade and sam yahel at the jazz standard 5 or 6 years ago. frisell was on fire this night!

  13. silverwater

    Well besides KR:

    Kreisberg (w/ Gary Versace on keys) @ Small's

    Antonio Sanchez Migration (w/ David Binney, John Escreet, and I think Orlando LeFlemming) @ the 55

    Nir Felder 4 @ the 55

    Phish's New Year's eve midnight-dawn set @ in the heart of the Florida Everglades (my experience may have been chemically enhanced, but regardless 7 straight hours of playing is pretty damn impressive)

    Mid-90s Rage Against the Machine @ the Great Woods Ampitheatre (conversely, the Wu-Tang Clan's set before was probably the worse performance I've ever seen, and I even like a lot of their stuff)

  14. Matt

    the Alan Ferber Nonet (with mark ferber, jon gordon, and john ellis, all killers) at smalls - made me serious about jazz
    peter mazz with tim hayward at the bar next door.

  15. jazzbum

    Oh man....I am jealous of you guys!

    I will never forget:

    Mingus Big Band - when they still played at Fez Under Time Cafe - Boris Kozlov on Bass. John Stubblefield a year before he passed. His playing blew my mind.

    Kurt in Denver with Mark Turner, Aaron Parks, Jochen Rueckert and Ben Street. Killed - I was just amazed that the guitar could sound like that live.

    Joshua Redman's Elastic Band with Brian Blade. Blade kills me - he dominates the room when he solos - you can feel him EVERYWHERE.

    Peter Bernstein Trio at Smoke with Kenny Washington and Mike LeDonne. I was right up front. Insane groove on Wes's Blues Riff.

    The Bad Plus 3 times....

    The Brubeck Brothers Quartet - Dan Brubeck blew my mind - such an incredible drummer.

    Danilo Perez Motherland Project with Luciana Souza - I had no idea what I was getting into and it was amazing.

    Stefon Harris a few times - He's got that presence too.....

    Man - I need to see Frisell.

  16. geetarted

    Wayne Shorter Quartet at Detroit Jazz Festival. ... The band is there, for free, this labour day!!

    Ed Bickert at the Montreal bistro.

    Daniel Landois and Brian Blade at a Art Gallery in Toronto.

  17. sweetdeat

    Saw Radiohead in ATL at the beginning of the tour they are on now....Thom's voice has really matured into something beautiful.

    Saw a Wood Brothers show in Athens GA about 6 months ago that totally was inspirational...Everyone should really check them out.

  18. guitar1025

    Kurt at the Vanguard in '08 (Aaron Parks, Ben Street, Obed Calvaire, and Mark Turner)
    Pat Metheny trio '00 at the Beacon Theater (Bill Stewart, Larry Grenadier)
    Pat Metheny trio '03 Somerville Theater (Christian McBride, Antonio Sanchez)
    Pat Metheny/Brad Mehldau trio '07 Boston Opera House
    Lage Lund group at the Jazz Gallery '09 (Bill Stewart, Aaron Goldberg, Orlando Leflemming, Miguel Zenon)
    Mike Moreno/Gretchen Parlato duo '08 @ Cornelia St.
    Dave Holland Quintet in Montreal '00
    Brad Mehldau Trio @ Scullers '06

    There are probably others I'm forgetting. . .


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