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neck pickup remplacement on ES-335 like guitar?

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  1. add4

    I'm currently playing with an Ibanez AS-95 (replica of ES-335), with classic 57 pickups on neck and bridge positions.
    I find the neck pickup lacks some punch and bite and also could have a bit more clarity. I'm looking for some ideas of other pickups that would have that modern jazz sound, with punch, in that kind of guitar. There are so many humbuckers out there and it's impossible to know how it would sound until you've bought it and soldered it in place, so any idea, input, or advice is welcome.

  2. I'd suggest that you try and change the pots + capacitors first. Most guitars (including Ibanez and even all regular production Gibsons) come stock with cheap caps and pretty bad potis, usually 300k instead of 500, which makes them lack of punch and sound muddy. Try one of the RS or crazyparts upgrade kits, they even have pre-soldered ones. I did this to my ES 335 and it made a huge difference. BTW I think the Classic 57 are pretty cool pickups, perfect if you look for good jazz sounds. Greetings, lupo

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  3. denjz

    I ones had a similar axe, an Ibanez as-73...I didn't really like its sound when I bought it,but the price was good so I thought I'll replace the pickups and it will fix the problem.Well,it didn't...I tried the '57s and after that I put Duncan Seth Lover in the neck.None of them made the guitar sound better and I ended up selling it.
    I think the problem is not in the pickups.These Artcore Ibanez guitars have much bigger center block compared to a 335.This maybe gives them a little more sustain ,but also takes away some of the acoustic qualities and punch. Of course,the overall building quality makes a difference too...
    ...but if you still want to try some other pickups, I would recommend Lollar Imperials,they are great!

  4. hi

    My friend replaced his neckpickup on his gibson 335 with a Benedetto b-6 . He told me he was totaly amazed by it. Maybe i can get u som soundclips if your intrested.

    / Lars

  5. add4

    Thanks to you all for your input!
    I know the guitar isn't the best, but on the other hand, it's a great working guitar for cheap. I can have around with me in bars and jams and not worry if someone else play with it. My main complain is that it is 'cold', not really reacting and vibrating to the music, and the lack of punch and mudiness on the neck pickup. The former could be caused by the center block, but the latter might come from pots and caps indeed.
    I think it could be worth changing out the pots and caps before i do anything else. i'll let you know if i change the pots and caps and it has a difference in the sound.
    Maybe simply adjusting the pickup height would work too..
    i'll keep you updated if i find a solution.

  6. You also might want to try swapping your stock tailpiece for a lightweight aluminium one (e.g. from tonepros, if they offer one that fits on an Ibanez). Makes the guitar more vibrant and responsive. Neck relief could also be an issue: if your trussrod is set up in a bad way, this can keep the neck from resonating quite a bit.

  7. changing the caps to a same value(.047uF?)and different brand ,will make no differnce.(unless they are dry - quiet imposibble for a ceramic disk cap)

    the same with the pots.


    playing with the values will shift the high pass filter they form.

    lower values of cap(.033uF,.022uF,.010uF) will yeld less lows and less "mudiness".

    also, when you are comparing the changes, try to be true in the process of comparing - like placing a mic to the amp in a fixed position,
    recording,and playing the same frase/tune/or whatever, in the same right hand position, using the same pick ,with the same strenght,etc..

  8. david6strings

    i have got the sheraton II with both bridge and neck pos pu's classic 57 vintage. first of all i have to say i got less mudiness but still a bit. this guitar have i don't know... a mid-range sandy tone. maybe too much output signal too, but it's not bad after all, is it?
    i'm just a poor guy so im interested in aforddable solutions too.
    as denjz said, lollar is 1 of the most interesting brands in pickups making, they'r so hot right know in twang tele and strat sounds but i have not the oppportunity to hear the jazz line


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