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  1. maqmba3

    lately, I've got a bad feeling about my playing, I think that I have no progress lately. So I've just recorded my improv to "All the things you are" to share it with You and recieve some opinions of yours. I would like to know, what are the things that you like in my solo and things which are terrible and annoying Sorry for my english And Thank You for listening :P

    Magical rainbow ponies
  2. Anny Mouse

    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for sharing your improv with us. I really liked your tone, and you play with nice dynamics with your touch.

    A few things I think you could focus on:

    The first thing that immediately jumped out to me was that your sense of time could be a lot stonger. The way you start and finish lines is a bit wobbly and the way that comes across is unsure. Like not finishing a sentence with a period or something. Another way to say it is you want to have a clear direction and purpose/intention with your lines so they sound confident like you meant to play what you played exactly the way you played it on purpose.

    You could land on stronger notes (3rds and 7ths) on strong beats and outline the changes more. You throw in some "out" notes here and there and that's all good but I wish I heard more chord tones outlining the changes.

    Personally, I love players who develop themes and ideas and let them naturally resolve after they've been investigated to a certain musical potential. Your playing here seemed to lack any real development of solid ideas that stretched over several measures, and especially over key changes. And I miss a general sense of melodic content. Obviously this is totally personal taste because what might be a great melody to me you might think the exact opposite.

    Hope that helps. Takes guts to put your playing on a forum and let everyone dissect it :) Let me know if something didn't make sense or you'd like me to elaborate on anything, as well as provide examples of how to work on any of that stuff if you don't already have some.

  3. maqmba3

    Thanks You Very much For reply. Your opinion realy helped me to pay more attention to my sens of time. Frankly speaking I've allways liked playing a little bit behind the beat. But now, I can see that it might sound not clear enough. So I'll focus on playing with straight feel:) that is right what You've said about outlining the changes. I've always been playing rather by ear and just lately started learning arpps and triads.
    For me, the melody and "telling a story" is also the main purpose but my problem is that this is mainly a matter of "having good day" and I've never had a constant creativity level. Maybe You could give me some examples of that kind of guitarists who create a melodies not just playing scales( like me sometimes:)) I realy like Peter Bernstain.
    Again, thank You for an opinion, I will try to record the solo again using your concept:)

  4. jorgemg1984

    Hi Man!

    First, you can already play a quite good solo on the all the things solo. That´s the good news! :)

    I am not sure I can do much better than you but here are my tips:

    1) everyone goes trough bad periods; some people even live constantly frustrated with their perfomances and sometimes they play really well; I have been trought that a lot and the answer is: keep going!

    2) Your playing is not consistent trough all the tune, which is quite common. I don't hear some passages very clear: going from Dbmaj7 to Cmaj7 and then to Cm7; going from Abmaj7 to Gmaj7; and going from G to E - basically the modulation points. Those are essential parts on that tune;

    3) More clear change between clear harmonic lines (mainly based on 3, 5, 7 of the chords or melody recalls) and some harmonic generalization (just thinking by tonal centers as someone like Pat Metheny does a lot on this tune)

    4) As already was said the tempo. You have a nice tempo but could be a little more precise; I would also try to play longer lines sometimes, it seems you are always staring something that never really goes anywhere; playing more motifs or question and answer lines; basically telling a story instead of playing changes!

    5) Some exercises suggestions: really memorize the tune; fundamentals (scales, digital patterns, target notes, arpeggios, etc...); work on the hard parts by themselves using a loop station; record and analyse your solos; write your own solos; transcribe the masters; transcribe your own solos; rhythmic exercises like non stopping 8th notes or continuous scale exercise by mark levine; play what you hear (sing what you play or sing first and play after on some parts of the tune using a loop station)

    Hope this helps!

  5. silverwater

    To reiterate jorgemg's #4, play some more motives. In my opinion the guitar lends itself very well to playing motives, it seems much easier than on a horn.

    Take one idea and then move it up and down the neck diatonically. For example, on all the things:



    E|--------------------------------|-------------------------- etc...

    I hope when I press enter these tabs look all right, you never can tell. But anyhow, I'm not concerned about what notes I'm landing on in relation to the chord, I'm just keeping things diatonic to the key of the moment. All the Things is a perfect tune for practicing these with, but I suggest them over one chord vamps if this idea is new to you.

  6. Anny Mouse

    Hi Brian,

    Keep spending a lot of time on triads and arpeggios as that will pay off immensely. There's a good pat metheny lesson floating around youtube where he says at least 50% of the notes he plays are chord tones and not scale tones. Really if you just stay on this track for a while the fretboard will really open up for you and allow you to string together longer lines and ideas. Any time you have to stop in the middle of a line because you don't know where the next note is that's a clear thing you should stop and work on. Figure out what it was and practice it.

    As far as players who "tell a story" really well... pretty much everyone famous that you've heard of.. Favorites for me are Jim Hall, Pat Metheny, Scofield, Frisell, Wes, Kurt, Julian Lage, Moreno, etc... Of course listen to other instruments as much as you listen to guitarists. Sonny Rollins, Miles, Coltrane, Joshua Redman are all masters of building a great solo. I also love Brad Mehldau's use of thematic development as well. And Keith Jarrett! Too many to list obvously. Transcribe people you like who play the way you'd like to play.


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