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New album?

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  1. PT

  2. I want to be a responsible consumer, damnit!

  3. Sandemose

    The record isnt going to be as delayed as the new website was, no? :)

    Best, Sandemose

  4. riverstooge

    has anyone heard anything about the new album, where to buy, release date?

  5. WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THIS NEW ALBUM!!! this is just getting ridiculous, i would love to buy it, just put it up on the site!

  6. wommusic
    Key Master

    Hey Guys - just a couple more days, then it will all be ready for you - sorry to keep y'all waiting! :-)

  7. riverstooge

    Here's an article mentioning Reflections and a release date...

  8. When is the album coming out?

  9. wommusic
    Key Master

    Hey Guys - we are implementing the webshop and are experiencing a few issues - as soon as those are solved we'll be good to go!

  10. Wow, this is killing us! I suppose that's a good thing in certain ways. How long till the website issues are resolved? And I assume/hope the actual CD will be made available for purchase somewhere. Will it be in any retail outlets (I'm in Boston so Newbury Comics, Best Buy, etc.)?

    I have to say, this reminds me of Spinal Tap on tour waiting for the album to be released!

  11. riverstooge

    Sooooo Key Master....I'll send you a Guinness and an apple pie or something if you get one of those "Relfections" Cds out to me this week..... Definitely reminds me of Spinal Tap btw.

  12. I think our Key Master is still searching for his Gate Keeper...

  13. Sandemose

    Huh? Rick Moranis?


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