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  1. geetarted

  2. ?

    Magical rainbow ponies
  3. animitta


    Don't know what your question mark means, exactly. if that is related to the link from geetarted , that is a link to a new tune from Kurt. Kurtr2 seems to be a souncloud account of Kurt himself.

    All the Best


  4. fakejake

    Whoever that is, I don't like it at all. Like sophisticated elevator music, in the worst sense. I really hope this is not what Kurt is working on right now…

  5. fakejake

    Excuse me for being so blunt btw…

    Magical rainbow ponies
  6. Dorian Grey

    It's definitely Kurt!. He also posted it in is personal Facebook page.

  7. fakejake

    It's definitely Kurt!. He also posted it in is personal Facebook page.

    ..ooops...there you go...

  8. I was stuck in an elevator once for about an hour---it wouldn't have been so bad if I had had music like this!

  9. Poparad

    I liked it.

  10. jbroad

    very cool! it reminds me of a couple of tracks off of "under it all"

  11. Basile865

    I liked it. The opening fruity loops drums and synth stuff here and there is cheesey but Im sure thatll all be swapped out on the final cut.

    Id like to hear kendrick scott on this. I also like the texture the classical guitar added, but Id be interested in hearing Aron Parks double those same parts on an acoustic piano.

    Also, whats the effect on the lead electric guitar line? Ive heard Kurt use it before and I love that sound how it cuts the beginning of the wave off, and it seems to track fast.

  12. Redbeard

    Definitely a "Return to Under It All" sound ... it's growing on me quickly. Quite a trip to hear Kurt singing in a lower register, presuming he's the co-vocalist.

  13. Poparad

    I'm pretty sure the lead sound is a Roland guitar synth (GR-33 or GR-55).

  14. geetarted

    It's cool. Very interesting and paints an immediate scene. Dig.

  15. arewolfe

    Hahah definite elevator vibe if you think about it. But it's clearly that definitive Kurt harmony and melody that I love so much. I can't wait to hear a record full of this stuff. I hope they put down Little Dreamer and a longer version of Portuguese!!

  16. egav

    I'm sure that's just the HOG set with low attack. After I first heard the track I tried to dial in a similar tone just for funsies and I got really close just using the HOG. I know he runs tons of other things but I got close using the HOG by itself. I know he's always been talking about reducing the pick attack which he hates and the low attack on the HOG gets close to solving that problem.

    About the track, I really dig it, reminds me of the tune Number Ten, but with a little more Brazilian (?) influences.

  17. Basile865

    I believe its this:

    In a youtube vid he said he uses the malekko attack decay

  18. Chris

    Sounds like the roland vg-8 to me. kurt said he used it on Under It All

    I'm happy to hear a return to the Heartcore and Under It All vibe.. I think the drum loop on this track is so great. a very signature rosenwinkel beat. lovely. perfect.

    I wish you signed autographs after your sets in Rochester this summer Kurt. I know your really busy and traveling like crazy, but i'd love to thank you for the music in person.

    Thanks again for coming to upstate ny!!

  19. I really, really like it!

    Kurt, is that pandeiro sampled? If so, where did you get it/what software instrument is it? Its such a great and natural sound!

  20. kurtisrosenwinkel

    hi everyone,

    the drums are me playing my gretsch catalina set with a pandeiro on the snare, there are no loops. The lead sound is a casio MT-65 keyboard.

  21. Muito bom! Sounds awesome Kurt, I love it and can't wait to hear more. I will make a caipirinha tonight in your honor!

  22. arewolfe

    Hi Kurt. Can you provide any details regarding how many songs have been recorded thus far, or when you hope the record to be released?

  23. neilneil

    Sounds like this album could contain 'little dreamer'.. I really want to hear the lyrical version on an album!

  24. smoke

    Thank you for sharing that Kurt. I found it moving and that is enough for me. Looking forward to hearing more.

  25. arewolfe

    Oh no, it's gone! I've been listening to it every day... what happened?

  26. neilneil

    Did you hear 'End to End'? Kurt added it to Soundcloud 3 weeks ago & nobody's mentioned it yet..

  27. Basile865

    Its certainly different. Has a 90's vibe to me. I give him credit for stepping outside of his normal box and allowing himself to make whatever art comes out.

  28. patfarlow

    Cant get into the voice of the dude on "end to end". That nasal timbre disagrees with me.

    Interscape is great though. It evokes a Brazilian beach holiday feeling for me. It also possesses some very "kurt" harmonies i dig.

  29. fakejake

    No disrespect to Kurt, he is one of my favorite musicians and I love almost everything he released so far.
    But this new track End to End, in my opinion, just sounds really bad. Not only the song itself, also the particular execution. The singers voice (is it Kurt?) seems off at times, the lyrcis are cheesy and the whole vibe of the song does nothing for me. And I grew up in the 90ies and love 90ies laternative (rock) music.
    Reminds me a little on Wolfgang Muthspiels last record. He is another one of my favorite jazz musicians, but what he did on that album is just gruesome at times....

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  30. arewolfe

    Very interesting. Sounds very emo... makes me think of old Modest Mouse. Not my cup of tea. With that said, I listen to Interscape on a daily basis. Killer tune!!

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