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  1. Sandemose

    Found this minor7b5 chord yesterday. I really liked it. Any more minor7b5 chords you like to use and in which songs and how (share your moves!)

    6-9-7-7-5-0 (moves nice to) 6-8-7-6-5-0 (A7) in Stella by starlight.

    best, Sandemose

  2. igor.blomberg

    How do you place your fingers in those voicings?

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  3. kurtisrosenwinkel

    i love that voicing, sandemose. i use my thumb for the Bb, then 4,2,3,1,1. i also like this one:

    6-7-x-7-7-5. this moves to: 5-x-8-8-6


  4. jazznan

    Nice ones Sandemose and Kurt, thanks. I was experimenting with D/Bb for Em7b5 and Eb/A or Eb/C# for A7, and those look voicings look close to something like that, thanks again.

    One that I like for Bm7b5 is x-x-9-9-6-10 to E7 x-x-12-13-8-8

    One for Dm7b5: x-11-x-10-8-12 to G7 x-13-x-12-9-13

  5. silverwater

    @igor blomberg: Or you can modify it slightly: 6-9-7-7-5-5 . Then you can finger it like: 1, 4, 2, 3, 1, 1. You just have to make sure you make the barre with the side of your index finger, so you can curve it around and grab the Bb on the 6th string. I'm finding this way is little bit easier for my smallish hands to grab than Kurt's way. Beautiful sound btw Sandemouse! Makes for a nice Bbmaj+5+11 chord too...

    I don't have any min7b5 chords as nice as the previous ones but I do like this move (ii V i in dm):

    x-10-x-9-11-10 x-10-11-10-10-8 x-5-x-x-5-1

    The A7 I finger like this: 2,4,2,3,1

  6. jazzacast55

    Hey guys, as I'm kinda new to the type of chords above, I have a couple of questions,

    1: Are you guys just coming up with these shapes and maybe running them through a scale?, I'm just not to sure where they are coming from.
    2:Where would you likely use them as they are bigish 5 or 6 note chords, duo? trio? If it was the top 2 that sandemose posted the bass player would be playing E for the first chord and then A for the second creating a bigger sound right?
    If it was a duo would you still use the -7b5 with Bb in the base?
    Sorry for the noobie questions, was just thinking as I was learning them, great chords by the way!

  7. kurtisrosenwinkel

    they come from being voicings of the chords in question. you use them wherever you hear them.

  8. wilmore

    good stuff! some different ways to play Kurt's D/F#7
    x 7 8 7 7 5. x 1 2 2 3 2. Gminmag7 is also a good sub for Emin9b5.
    also any voicing you find for a minor chord, move it up a minor third for the V then a major third from that for the I. the last chord in monder's sunny manitoba is 3 6 4 4 2 for a Gmag#5#11. thanks for the post Sandemose.

  9. fakejake

    'they come from being voicings of the chords in question. you use them wherever you hear them.'
    wow, now that explains.... everything.

  10. Basile865

    wow some of these are real bears to grab.

    I like this little combo: 7-8-4-6-4-4 to 6-8-5-7-5-5 to 5-7-4-6-4-4

  11. jazzacast55

    Awesome! Thanks Kurt

  12. Joxo


    Thanx for these voicings. I find dominats to be easier to find nice movments and voicings for than Major 7 and minor 7 with natural 5th.
    Any cool voicing for Maj 7 and minor 7 u guys want to share ?


  13. wilmore

    one more for the road.....x-13-14-11-10-10. to x-15-11-14-11-13. to 13-16-14-14-12-12. for minor ii-v-i in D. will Mr. Rosenwinkel be coming to the west coast anytime in the near/distant future?

  14. i like :
    x-x-15-12-13-12 / x-x-15-13-12-12/x-x-14-12-10-10...8-x-9-7-5-5-

    this is for a IIVI in C:
    f,g,c,e for the Dmn7, f,bA,B,E for g7( also this a tritone away would work however this voiceleads smoothly) and those other 2 ( same shape for both chords used during the Cmaj7...sorry, kinda lazy right now- don't want to spell.)

    as for just a random chord voicing i find cool, ( albeit kinda over the top and lush...which can have it's place):
    Ebmaj7= (from low to high...the above were aswell , hopefully that was clear)
    6-6-0-0-3-3=Bb,Eb,D,G,D,G fingered: 3,4,0,0,1,1.

  15. ... i like raking it from high to low on say, round midnight for when that Eb pops up as major...

  16. InWalked

    a nice Dm9(13) 10-8-9-5-5-5 fingered 4-2-3-1-1-1

  17. jazzacast55

    I love this thread!

    ok here is one for d min : x-x-0-9-6-8 and the same with different bass notes, maybe: 6-0-0-9-6-8 thum on the 6th frett

    also getting in to this shape and running it through maybe Cmajor, Fmaj9= x-8-x-0-8-5 Dmin9= x-5-x-0-5-1 Cmaj9 x-3-x-0-3-0

  18. oh, yeah this thread started with the question of how to voice min7b5's. this is one i got from peter mazza but my hands are too small to get into it very quickly the way he originally suggested it be fingered. so i modified it's fingering to suit my ability. it is for Emin7b5... it was from a stella by starlight arrangement he had.

    12-13-7-7-7-0 .fingered: 2-3-thumb-thumb-thumb-0 .

    after i realized itwas possible to do this a long time ago , it has since opened up possibilities for previously unplayable chords and unconventional ( guitar ) tonalities. use the side of your thumb as a mini first it feels a little weird but if you use your stomach/chest/peck/shoulder to support on the other side and offer the resistance that your (now ) free floating fretting hand supplied, it will feel more solid. obviously there is a whole lil' world of chordal possibilities with this device and this is just one example.

  19. Gesture

    I realize this thread has been dead for 3 years but just found 2 new uses for sandemose's awesome voicing:

    6-9-7-7-5-0(5) then 7-12-10-10-8-8 (A7#9/b13) then 13-16-14-14-12-12 (DmMaj7/6/9)


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