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  1. Hi all,

    I just discovered this forum and I am really enjoying all the discussions and sharing of information. I transcribed a John M. Solo from his "Live in Tokyo" Cd, it's called "One Nite Stand." Anyways it's a great tune and the licks translate really well to traditional Blues changes. I did it for a jury at school and the professor checked the rhythms etc... and it's really quite accurate. So how would I share this with others? I wrote it in Sibelius and can save it to a PDF but after that I'm not sure how to share it with anyone here?
    Also, I take lessons from Barry Finnerty here in SF who was on "man with a horn" and played in the Crusaders and with the Brecker Bro's to name a few... and I have video of all of our meetings. I am wondering if this too might be worth sharing. I guess because I've already gotten so much from the site, kurts inner urge transcription, great videos etc...etc.. I was hoping I too could interject.

    Best ,
    Dylan.....Aspiring student

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  2. Ok sorry I found my old post where a couple folks answered my first question..... Thanks sorry for repeating myself

  3. Sandemose

    dorian19: everything interests me on this forum. Its a very generous gesture to share knowledge and experience in my opinion. Thanks, and welcome to this forum as well!

    Best, Sandemose



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