New Peter Bernstein Solo Album

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  1. jazzbum

    I know this isn't directly related to Kurt, but I just wanted to highly recommend Pete's new solo album on the Smalls label.

    It is really blowing my mind how much excitement and complexity you can create with pick style playing.

  2. patfarlow


    Magical rainbow ponies
  3. jazzbum

    Apologies, I did not include the link before because I didn't want the post to be a total shameless plug, and it's currently only available on iTunes right now.

  4. wommusic
    Key Master

    Nothing wrong with plugging Peter Bernstein on this board at all! :-)

  5. jazzbum

    Thanks Anders!

  6. kurtisrosenwinkel

    oh yeah!

    Contact us
  7. guelda

    Hi everyone, just wanted to let you know that PB Solo Album is available elsewhere than on iTunes, you can find it here :

    I ordered it but their downloader doesn't work well with my Linux so I'll have to wait... Pretty hard as you can guess ! :)

  8. Chris

    Does anyone out there know which gauge and brand strings Peter Bernstein uses. I always assumed .12s but I recently saw him play and at times I was thinking he may play .11s.


  9. I listened to the previews, and this record sounds awesome!

    Sidenote: Peter Bernstein did a clinic at my music school, he seemed like one of the nicest people around.


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