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  1. madsrh


    I've started a blog where I try to analyse Kurt's playing and hopefully reveal some of the magic he uses. I would love for you guy to take a look, post feedback and suggestion. The site has only been up for a few days so the amount of content is still very limited - there's more coming soon!

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    Best regards

  2. fakejake

    Looks great, I'll be watching that one!!

  3. JorgeRubiales

    Nice!!! I'll be watching close too, nice work!

  4. jazznan

    Nice work, look forward to seeing more! By the way, as a side note, the Kurt pattern thing reminded me of Joe Diorio's work. I don't know how many of you guys have worked with the Diorio instructional material, but there's very little I've heard from modern guitar players that Diorio didn't touch upon in some way-if you want to play some hip sounding shhtuff, check out his books and playing.

  5. madsrh

    fakejake, JorgeRubiales -> Great!!!

    jazznan -> Thank you. I did actually check some of Joe Diorio's material out and you're right - there's some cool stuff in there, although his playing sounds kind of stiff and calculated. I really like his untraditional vocings and intervallic patterns.

  6. patfarlow

    Your headline reminds me of this old guy bandleader who would say:

    "How does he do it? Why does he do it??"

    whenever his guitar player soloed really well.
    Great site btw, ill check back often

  7. sza

    Great site!
    If you would like to add some more transcriptions of Kurt, Here's one I did, from a live concert at Rotterdam.!home

    (go to music sheet section,and you got it. ...hope its okay.)

    if its not working, here's the scribd link:

  8. mrzzajjazz

    Thanks for sharing Madsrh, I'll be coming back to this one. Oh..and there's my 'Inner urge'-transcription, and the Pat Metheny-lick too ;)


  9. madsrh

    sza -> Thanks, I'll put it on the site as soon as possible

  10. JPMike

    this forum needs stickies.

  11. JorgeRubiales

    +1 to that

  12. adamv


  13. animitta


    Nice web-site!

    Are you interested about a transcription, always on the topic of two voicings per chord?

    Let me know and i will send you, i actually have also some other stuff that i can share.

    All the best


  14. madsrh

    JPMike -> stickies???

    animitta -> Sounds interesting :-D Please send me an e-mail at madsrh(a)

  15. konstantine

  16. konstantine

    madsrh, cool site, thanks for sharring.

  17. animitta

    @konstantine and all the other people interested.

    I have shared with madsrh a study and an exercise. He will put that on his web-site. And so everyone could get it, if interested.

    All the Best


  18. cano

    High guys, I'm new to this forum , I'm From France , and I have some material about Kurt like transcriptions I did and some exercices from masterclasses to share .
    Madsrh , are you interested with those stuffs for your new site about Kurt ? please tell me .
    Philippe .

  19. JPMike

    @madsrh-> In every forum there are some threads that are always on top and this thread should be on the top.

    Plus, your blog is my home page. :D

  20. madsrh

    cano -> I'm always interested! Please send me an e-mail

    JPMike -> :-D

    konstantine -> I've uploaded it to the site

    sza -> I've added your transcription - nice work!

  21. smoke

    I dig the site and thank you! If I could make one suggestion, it is kind of hard to read some of the text because of the lightness of the font and the huge picture of Kurt. Not sure if anyone else is having that problem but it was kind of a struggle on my iphone and my laptop.

  22. callum

    Hey I have about 10 transcriptions of Kurt's solos if you wanna chuck em up there.


  23. madsrh

    Smoke -> I've changed the font color to black - hope this helps

    callum -> Cool! Please send me an e-mail

  24. smoke

    Madsrh, the font changes really help.

    One other thing I noticed is that in the Gear section Kurt's Twin is listed as being modified by 'Harry Colby'. I have seen this on other sites as well. I think it is actually Harry Kolbe. I googled around one day on Harry Colby and never found anything, but I did find an amp modder under Harry Kolbe -

    Maybe Kurt can confirm in case other people are interested in having their amps tricked out by this fellow?

  25. fakejake

    As an additional information, his 335 was made in the mid 70ies (between 71-77). Unlike the 335s before and after those years, its wooden block quite certainly doesn't run through the entire body but stops somewhere around the bridge pickup, so it has a more hollowbodyesque structure.


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