New Tim Miller - Goodrick book

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  1. Dimitris

    Anybody has a sample page / chapter of this new book? I would like to see a sample before I decide to purchase.

  2. this has been discussed in another thread in this forum:

  3. Dimitris

    I see... But anyone would be kind enough to scan a page to actually see how it looks?

  4. wilmore

    i wrote out a chart for all modes of the 5 main scales goodrick uses. 35 pages in all. 120 chords per page. 4200 chords in all or 2100 two chord combos. i have them all scanned but am in the process of moving so it may take a bit to post.

  5. Dimitris

    So you say the new book is completely different than Almanac?

  6. Benny

    There's a one page preview at

  7. I want to get it .
    ... The monder endorsement. Not
    light words from a not light dude indeed!

  8. ... Just bought it online.

  9. bluechords

    Could anyone out there shed some light on the following: on page 27 of the book we find the pairing of 'Triad' and '7th with no 5th'.....then under the heading 'Em7flat5' the first pair of chords show (from low to high) notes a, c, g (I assume that's the triad) followed by notes bflat, d and f. I may well be missing something here but I cannot fathom out what particular '7th with no 5' chord that could be, especially under the banner of 'Em7flat5'. Note d is a 7th in Eminor, but b flat is a 5th, albeit a flattened fifth, so it's clearly present as opposed to being a 'not present' voice. If you view it as a b flat type chord then it still has a fifth present (note 'f').

    I bought the book because it seems to outline some interesting concepts on harmony, without having the unnecessary TAB/chord diagrams that you don't want if you read and know your way around the fretboard. However, I still think it could do with a lot more as regards explanation e.g. the chart on page vi.

    Any light shed on the above query would be greatly appreciated.

  10. jazzbum

    I don't have the book in front of me right now, but I am pretty sure I am correct in saying this:

    ACG - 7th, no fifth (as in Amin7 no E)
    BbDF - Triad (Bb Major Triad)

    As far as elaborating on the concept - it took me about 45 minutes of reading through Mick's explanation in the back of the text to just start absorbing the concept. It seems like the kind of thing you sort of have to wrestle with and make your own sense out of it. Just my 2 cents.

  11. bluechords

    Hi jazzbum..... I just went back to the book and figured out that the pairing of 'triad-7th no 5' isn't necessarily in that order. Switched on my computer to announce that I don't need help any more and saw your response.

    Indeed just as you've written above, the A min7 no 5 chord voicing in this case precedes the triad. Even though I managed to get there myself I appreciate your quick response. So thanks for your 2 cents.

    I tend to agree as regards not being spoonfed. It's good to have to fathom things out for yourself now and again ... but I still think the material in this book should be more explanatory (got the page vi chart to work out next).

    Having fairly recently completed (as a mature student) an advanced course in music I know I would have been advised to re-write material such as this in a more comprehensible fashion. Goodrick and Miller may know what they mean ....imparting that knowledge to others is something else.




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