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  1. jseaberry

  2. geetarted

    Very Cool! Anybody know what the effect is on Kurt's signal?

  3. Poparad

    I have no idea. That's a pretty cool effect. I see he's got the AxeFX II in the background. I wonder if it's one of the effects in that? It sounds very synth-like, but I don't think it's a synth. Maybe somehow the attacks of the guitar notes have been removed, kind of like the Boss Slow Gear/volume swell trick? It's pretty cool, whatever it is.

  4. geetarted

    I can get into these sounds using a wet rig split to an ipad using apps but I think this is hardware. Very cool sounds.

  5. jbroad

    it's definitely not the synth in the axe fx II. the synth is decent but it doesn't track like that! could it be the electro harmonix HOG?

  6. lacroix

    Wow, Kurt! Your soloing over The Fall @43:00 is fantastic. Maybe just a coincidence, but the choice of a synth tone for that tune sounds like a tribute to one of Allan Holdsworth's best solos ever on synthaxe. It can be found in Truth In Shredding.

  7. skiadikt

    thanks for this. kurt's playing is awesome. but call me old fashioned, i'm pretty much a purist. always preferred the guitar to sound like a guitar. don't care much for the synth or holdsworth sounding tones.

  8. Gesture

    Does anybody know the name of the tune they're playing around the 30 min. mark? They play the theme at 32:20.

  9. lacroix

    @Gesture: Inner Urge by Joe Henderson


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