New York bedbugs

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  1. fakejake

    Hey guys,
    I just booked my flight for a trip to NY this fall, its the first time I go there, even the first time I go to the States, so I’m extremely excited and happy. Finally, going to the city of my dreams, checking out the jazzclubs, shopping for records and maybe some guitar stuff, it’s goinig to be AMAZING!!
    However, I’m also already pretty horrified by all the reports of bed bugs and roaches beeing all over town. It seems like it is almost impossible to find a place, no matter how expansive, that is not inhabited by those bastards.
    When it comes to bugs, midges and roaches I’m totally neurotic, I can barely look at them, let alone sleep in a bed where they might appear...As much as I look forward to this trip, I’m afraid this could really fuck it up for me..

    So now my question to all of you who have already visited NY or even lived there for some time: How to best deal with that issue?
    Is there any place known that is clean and free of bed bugs?
    If you had some in your bed, what did you do to not bring them home with your laundry?
    Anyone has experience with some of the gadgets available, like anti bed bug linnen and pillows, some sort of spray, basically anything to keep those bastards away from sucking my blood?

    I’d really appreciate any help to make my stay over there more enjoyable!
    Cheers, Jake

  2. Matt

    every time i've been to NYC, there's never been a problem.
    but i was staying at a 4-5 star hotel...

  3. i've been here 6 years w/ no problem.yes, there is a place off of the bowery that apparently is notorious for them; just read reviews.

  4. gleepglop

    8 years, no problems. I've met a few people that have had bedbugs, but the reports are a bit overblown. Just don't pick up any furniture or clothing from the street!
    If you want to be extra careful/paranoid, make sure you wash all your clothes in hot water as soon as you return home, and wrap your suitcase in a plastic bag for several months. Might be overkill, but if you want to set your mind at ease . . .

  5. arewolfe

    Lived in NY for a while. I usually only saw roaches on the sidewalk around trash heaps. I stayed in a tenement building in Queens once... tons of roaches there - One even fell on me while I was taking a shower. Now Boston, that place has roaches. I had a 3 week stake out against a monster bitch once. I thought I had sent it packing by removing all sources of water, but then one morning I stepped out of the shower and it had crept in, probably attracted by the moisture... the thing slowly walked onto my sweatshirt hanging on the door. I threw open the kitchen window, ran back to get the sweatshirt, and with one victorious heave I sent that MF'er flying from 5 stories up.

  6. fakejake

    Thanks for easing my mind a little...
    Over the past years, there have repeatedly been newspaper and TV reports on the growing bedbug problem in NY, so that really made me paranoid about that issue.
    Plus, judging from the tripadvisor reviews, there doesn't seem to be a single hotel in NY, at least in my price range, that hasn't gotten at least 1-2 bedbug sightings in the past few months.
    I guess I just have to get drunk enough every night not to worry about them bedbugs...

  7. JorgeRubiales

    I don't know how to call it in english, but you can buy a product that removes the grease from ovens, it comes in a bottle like this

    Buy the most agressive you can. If you see a cockroach, spray that thing over it. It's like and acid, so it might die in a matter of seconds. Since I discovered that, I haven't sprayed even once at home. It's nice to not have cancerous fumes over home.

    You can spray it under doors and windows for preventing those bastards from entering your room.

  8. silverwater

    Check out's page on Bed Bugs:

    Bed Bugs have come back in recently, and they're a relatively unstudied pest as compared to rodents and roaches. A lot of it feels like hysteria though, with every bug bite or skin blemish being credited to a bed bug invasion. Because of my job, I interact with a lot of foreign travelers (at least 500 per year) staying at hotels, dorms and homestays. Over the last 2 years, about 15 or so people have told me they had bed bugs, and out of those 15, I can only think of 2-3 that were legitimate cases, the rest ranging from hives, spider bites, and zits.

    Hotels have begun to actually deal with the problem too, as opposed to just pretending bed bugs don't exist. This is from the Bed Bug Action Plan for Hotels on

    "In the year 2000, the hospitality industry did not want to adopt bed bug action plans. Having a bed bug
    action plan was like admitting your hotel had bed bugs. Now it is 10 years later, and if your hotel does not
    have bed bug action plan, you are at risk of losing your reputation and a lawsuit."

    But all that being said, they do seem like evil little shits, and I'd research the hotel you're staying at to see if there have been any bed bug sightings. Sights like can help. Also I've heard good things about this product called EcoSmart. It's only like 5 bucks apparently, so even if it's just water in a can it hurt to have it.

  9. nancytailor

    Bed bugs are one of the most irritating creatures on the planet. They are little insects that suck human blood for their survival. Though the commonly accepted is that they are too tiny to be seen, it's not entirely true. These insects often come to life in our homes at night, therefore making it all the more difficult for us to spot a bed bug infestation.bed bug los angeles

  10. Sasha

    I realize this is a late response but it may help someone else. Everyone should learn how to search a hotel room for bedbugs. Carefully inspect the room before you settle in (and leave luggage in the bathtub until you have inspected).

    This is not just a new york problem, but it is worth taking some
    time to educate yourself.


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