nice warm speakers?

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  1. anandaemail

    hi good people,

    i am on the hunt for some new speakers for my 1965 fender twin reverb (not reissue).
    i currently have a pair of altec lancing 417-8b's maybe C's. which get a real clean, twangy country sparkle.
    i am looking for something warmer, fatter, jazzier, more versatile.
    i also have an old polytone, so i don't want that same sound which i also love.
    i play mostly jazz and rock, some blues

    what is ideal? what does kurt use?

    i've been told weber is good and eminence also... but which, there are so so many.

    any opinions on my options?

  2. Hello,
    I recently bought a Twin reverb head (cut) and compined it with 2 x12'' Jensen Blackbird speakers and they sound great for jazz.
    I also tried in the past the Weber Silverbell 12''. Also great !!

  3. anandaemail

    thanks man,
    i will look into those



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