Nir Felder

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  1. Matt

    Anyone else dig this guy? Great tone and flow.
    I particularly like this set from Smalls -

    When he comes out with a record, i'll be buying it.

  2. Yes, I really enjoy his playing. I'm looking forward too, to his debut release as a leader. I was at Small's that night for the 1st set. Great stuff with a larger Polytone (ala George Benson) and a Strat and a bunch of pedals and a super drummer. I also enjoy him in Maria Neckam's band.

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  3. arewolfe

    Yeah he really took off. I went to school with him in '03 and '04 and he was one of the more advanced guitarists at the time, but nothing compared to the stuff he's doing now. I was at his senior recital in '04 and don't remember much of his playing... Christian Scott played with him during the recital and pretty much tore the house down and stole the show. Saw Nir perform two years later in '06 and at that point he'd clearly reached another level. Now he's just WHOA! Serious shit. He's only 25 or 26.

  4. Matt

    He also plays all originals.
    I hear guys like Nir and wonder how the hell anyone gets that good!

  5. Poparad

    I really dig his playing, too. He'll be playing on an upcoming CD that a friend of mine is recording next month doing 'Underground' style jazz-funk.


    the first set is available to listen to---great nir solo on night and day

  7. smoke

    First post..Howdy.

    I dig Nir's playing like crazy. His lines are so unpredictable and interesting to me. I really need to spend some time transcribing him and trying to decipher the code. There is something in his sound, and people like Chris Crocco and Bryan Baker, that is really coming from a different place.

    Thanks for posting the link to the Vanguard set. Some really amazing playing by the entire band.

  8. Sandemose

    smoke, welcome to the board! Im gonna check out the set when I come home later tonight!

    Best, Sandemose

  9. Matt

    i'm sure this discussion is dead, but -

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    great stuff.

  10. smoke

    Matt, I hadn't heard that clip. He is totally killing. Thanks for posting that. I hope that band records at some point.

    I picked up the new Sunny Jain disc called Taboo recently. He is all over the recording, especially the track 'Ye Mera Khuda'. Probably my favorite solo I have heard, plus the song is really amazing.

  11. sortell

    Check out his trio at NPR... He is smoking.....


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