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  1. cruxtable

    nir felder has this very slight distorted sound to his tone, slighter than what i can get out of my rat (the lowest setting still has too much drive)..does anyone know how he's getting this sound/what pedal he's using?

  2. Could it be rolling back the volume on his guitar?

  3. jazzacast55

    Pretty sure he uses a tube screamer, there are photos of his board during his npr set on flikr. Plus he has single coils and a polytone. Rat (to me) has to much gain for that type of sound.

  4. smoke

    Yep, I do know. He uses either a Keely modded ts808 or a ts9 with the drive set very low. That plus the line 6 dl4 and verbzilla are big parts of his tone. His guitar is a stock Tex-Mex strat which I believe later became the Jimmie Vaughn strat. He uses a polytone mini brute IV. He uses massive strings, .14's if I recall correctly.

    Any ts-type pedal plus single coils will get you close. I also think the verbzilla is a lot of his tone, but that is my opinion.

  5. smoke

    Btw...I know this because I took a lesson with him and asked, plus I have seen him live.

  6. Chris

    I saw him with an MXR, any ideas?

  7. smoke

    Might be a phaser.

  8. Eq gives a boost and added sensitivity, life and bite if you want .., mxr makes a 6 and 10 band

  9. cruxtable

    that's awesome, thanks smoke. i was actually thinking about trading my newer rat for a ts-9. and that's surprising about his strings, i was thinking about going back to my strat for a while but one of the appeals to that is that I have lighter strings on it so I could do incorporate more rock/blues sounds, bending and such

  10. Chris

    How does he put .14s on a strat.. does he put something underneath the vibrato tailpiece to stabilize it and prevent it from raising due to string tension. As soon as you put .11s on a strat the tailpiece should lift..

  11. smoke

    He has five springs on his strat instead of the usual theee so that helps. I don't think he has his trem blocked but I have never heard him use it so I guess it is possible. He didn't mention it.

    I have used .12's on my strat and used five springs and it was fine. If I recall correctly, strings back in the old days (50's) were all huge and strats handled them just fine. You might have to really screw in the two screws inside the trem cavity quite a bit. I'd take it to a tech I trust for the initial set up. Going from .10's to .13's or .14's is going to take some getting used to.

    Btw....I think he uses Black Diamond brand strings.

  12. smoke

    Paul, I dig ts-type pedals. If you are shopping around, check out the Way Huge Green Rhino. It has a couple of extra eq options which make it a monster ts pedal. One of my favorites of all time. Can't go wrong with a ts9 or ts808 though. Classics for a reason.


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