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  1. Hi everyone:

    On october last year I had the superb experience of seeing Kurt playing in the Village in front seat! One of the things that strucked me most was his amazing control of amp noise. I mean, I couldnĀ“t hear any noise, just the pure sound of his guitar. I wonder if any of you can help me with some hints on this topic, because is an issue for me.

    Thank you!


  2. jbroad

    just make sure that you invest in high quality products. your guitar should have humbucking pickups (or noiseless single coil pickups), you should use high quality cables (vovox sonorus are excellent for the longer runs while the george L patch cables are good for your pedalboard). check out make sure your effects boxes are high quality true bypass. if you use a lot of pedals it might be a good idea to invest in the lehle d loop pedlas ( also make sure your amp is properly biased (if you're using a tube amp) and make sure that you're using decent tubes. that should cover everything.


  3. Thanks a lot jbroad. In fact I understand that Kurt utilizes Lehle products too.

  4. i think it has to do more with the amp itself usually.

    try conecting the guitar directly to the amp (no fx) and check the noise.

    if the noise is still there - is it a tube amp? if it is - check the tubes first - a lot of times the preamp tubes gets/or are noisy.
    you can swap the 2 preamp tubes (if it has 2 channels) to see where the noise is coming from.

    if not the tubes - it might be a grounding issue.maybe the guitar itself isnt grounded well enough.

    so first try to isolate the problem.


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