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  1. shawnuff


    Every time i look at the tour itineraries of my favourite players i see numerous european dates and very few north american ones. What is going on here? Are we being punished? Do i really live in a cultural wasteland? I guess in europe, the jazz comes to you, while in america you have to go to the jazz.

    Magical rainbow ponies
  2. I've noticed this trend as well, very unfortunate...

  3. Europe pays and most places in the US besides NY don't (NY doesn't even pay that much).

  4. Redbeard

    Isn't it a sad commentary on the country that created jazz? Here in L.A., we lost our best jazz club this year -- the property owner kicked out the Jazz Bakery and turned the building into a furniture outlet. No one of note has played L.A. since June, except for the dinosaurs and white girl faux-jazz singers. The young lions won't come here at all now. I would give anything to move to Montreal.

  5. I'm from east TN and it is a pretty sad state of affairs here too. We have a pretty killing jazz orchestra in Knoxville and they try to bring in guest artists but it's really difficult for them to get any of the younger players. I hear they've been talking about bringing Kurt down for their next season...I would die...

  6. Colonel Trane

    I'm lucky to be in Chicago right now, we have a pretty good scene. I've caugth Kurt 3 times (twice with quartet once with the trio) Brad Mehldau once, Dave Holland's Big Band and that new Overtone Quartet with Harland and Potter just within about a year and a half.


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